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Pilot a jumping tank through a maze of underground caverns and dungeons in search of new abilities you'll need to progress deeper into the levels. Each upgrade is hidden out of reach of your tank, and can only be obtained after exploring on foot. (This game is inspired by a certain NES game which I love) SPECIAL NOTE: 2 Free keys to anyone that agrees to make a youtube video of the game!

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A very nice "Remake" (Inspired a lot by old NES's Classic Blaster Master). We don't really see those a lot of games in the area as this one these days and this one owes a great 10/10

let me start off with this: I am first and foremost a PC-gamer, always has been and always will be
being a PC-gamer means that I am used to "tweaking" and "modifying" my games
as I first booted Helena the 3rd, I noticed the lack of full-screen
this to me is a huge drawback in any game I play on my PC
fortunately I have programs to resolve this, hence I used a third-party program (gamecompanion)

now, although I may be a PC-gamer, I still believe that games such as this is best played with a 360-controller
thus I noticed that there is no customization for the controls and the button-placement was not to my liking
this I (once again) resolved through a third-party program (xpadder), not only due to the button-placing, but most importantly the fact that I was unable to invert the y-axis
I can somewhat relate to un-inverted being the "norm", but in the same way that right-handed is "the norm", there need be options available for those who do not fall into this

these issues would be game-breaking to me, had I not known how to fix them
hence the statement of me being first and foremost a PC-gamer
hence I will choose not to let those issues drag down the overall score by the same amount I would, had I not known how to fix them

there are some "iffy" collision-detection in the game (mainly the bushes), which (to some extent) is understandable due to the way those models are made (hit-boxes)
the platforming element (in third-person) can sometimes be tricky, due to being difficult to determine depth, but practice it long enough and you'll get a hang of it

apart from those "issues", this feel like a solid title to me
I do not find any reason to bash/praise the graphics, nor sound in this game, since I think that the overall aesthetics fit this game perfectly

the overall gameplay is satisfying and doesn't try to take itself "too serious" - this feels like a light-hearted (gaming-) experience, that I can easily pick up and play for half-an-hour or so the time


I think this very nice game :) 10 in 1 game :D Excelent!


Pretty fun little game. Definitely reminds me of Master Blaster. :)

- Henry <3


While it really needs a controller with Joy-to-key to play properly, it's actually a load of fun. Those of us who remember the original Blaster Master will be pleasantly surprised at the way Helena the 3rd brings the sensibilities of the original game into a more modern interpretation. It has a neat combination of Metroidvania style gameplay and FPS/3PS mechanics.

I have played this game only once and yet i still like it. Now at first it was very laggy but in a whle it wasn't. very good game indeed and if you look at it you might like it! Not only that but the graphics are good to. If you like tank games or games where you drive around and your perspective changes then this is definetly YOUR GAME! have fun


I like it!


AWESOME homage to blaster master! this is absolutely indie development at its finest!

This game is extremely awsome! It is one of the best games I have ever played! I would recommend this game for anyone!

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A very nice "Remake" (Inspired a lot by old NES's Classic Blaster Master). We don't really see those a lot of games in the area as this one these days and this one owes a great 10/10

Jun 4 2011 by LiquidusWolf