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danil-ka88 @ Horde Attack

Thank you so much for such a detailed review and your suggestions to improve the game. Indeed the enemy is fighting very violently and does not relax in the game. In the near future, e will make multiple difficulty levels and a training level.

About the mouse, most likely it will appear in the near future. The mechanics in the game will evolve, I have a great many ideas. On the division of the armies of thought, but in the protection of the FORTS will help the modernization and mercenaries. As will be realizowane, you will see in the near future.

By the way yesterday on Ыteam, the game came out. You can get the latest updates. Store.steampowered.com

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danil-ka88 @ Horde Attack

Thank you very much. Soon to be available in early access. Waiting for your suggestions. By the way today came a small game in the style of 2048 dedicated computer version of Horde Attack. Android game absolutely free!

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danil-ka88 @ The first game from zero to alpha. Write a history of the development of Horde Attack. Part 1

Thanks for the comment.
Really. In this version, the horde does not attack during movement. In the next updates, I will fix it. I can add that the cities will also be hostile to the enemies and the player.
The ending will be more interesting in the future. I will not tell you now. Let it be a surprise.

I suggest you subscribe to the update. Steamcommunity.com
You will receive the latest news from here.

Of course I will add news on my favorite indiedb.com

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danil-ka88 @ Horde Attack

Изначально опубликовано Nikolay Goloshchapov:
Как мне кажется, эти захватываемые точки с недоделанным лабиринтом смотрятся странно. Возможно стоило бы заставить вращаться внутренние элементы.

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danil-ka88 @ Horde Attack

Изначально опубликовано PolariusBear:

Мне кажется, могла бы получиться неплохая альтернатива играм типа Dota. Но в режиме мультиплеера. А у Вас странное "Игра от 2 до 4 человек на одном экране".

Хороший вариант исторической игры типа Dota - это дать возможность каждому из 5 игроков команды иметь, допустим по 4-6 отрядов разного типа. И пополнять их в союзных городах. При этом все эти 4-6 отрядов могут находится только на небольшом расстоянии от главного отряда.

Вот, для представления как мог бы выглядеть такой геймплей - ролик из старой игры. Но там сингл, а мог бы получиться
интересный мультиплеер 5 на 5.

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danil-ka88 @ Horde Attack

Autor Bob_Higgins18:

Please don't hate me for a free expression of opinions.

As of right now from what I read, objective game; go capture some cities, try not to die.

What you could do to add onto the gameplay is add in some ranged units or allow a more RTS style of control or add in a different combat mechanic. That would cut down on the flow of the game but just going around mobbing other people with sheer numbers and hoping that you get to the objectives first kinda sounds weak.

My main inspiration for my point of view is:

VICTORY COMMAND: (rock paper scissors team combat on a large map... You get to individually control your units or group them up)

I don't want you to go and just copy what they did and put it in your game. Then you completely ruin your game identity.

It looks like you could go in a similar direction though. You can go there in the sense of the splitting of your army into several different groups. Then they can run around and BOID style training of troops plus rock paper scissors combat mechanic. Add in an optional strength bar for your army so you know how many losses you took in the last skirmish. Throw in some neutral support units/ buildings you can capture to help in some way (defense or spawning). Make the horses/vehicles a powerup you can pick up to get places faster. Add in some special abilities (explosive, airdrop, heal/revive)

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