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I am into console gaming pc gaming. I am a fan of the battlefield series, cs, half-life,unreal the list goes on. I weld, solder, play the violin, learning guitar. I also mountain board(yes this is a real sport) and bike. Feel free to check out my youtube channel listed as the homepage.

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Gene Troopers

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The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

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A masterpiece of modern medieval fantasy themed rpg's. This game has it all: a game of thrones, a tale of two lovers, kings and their quarrels and most importantly an amazing underlying lore that pulls you in from the start and does not let go until the ride ends with a bang at the end. Every character can be as fleshed out as you want them to be, and some may become more friendly than others depending on your choices. Your decisions will come to haunt you or to help you as the game progresses, because what choices you make have an impact on the game world and npcs will treat you differently. You get the sense that the world changes around you and that there is an urgency to all your actions. In this game you are never safe, be it from hostile foes to swindlers and thieves to deceptive traps set in the world. And the game does all of this with a masterful score of music and amazing visuals to boot. The only reason for the nine is the fact that it is not quite an open world adventure like that of GTA or Skyrim, but just wait until the Witcher 3!



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X-Ray Engine

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