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The Body Changer

Game review

Cry of Fear

Game review

Most Awesome Ever Since I played Half Life 2. Everytime I've Played This Game I Want To Play It More And More. So Realistic looks like it's come from the Source Engine but when I found out it wasn't I was so surprised.
Tell Everyone about this game it is so good!


Dwarf Fortress

Game review

This is a very time consuming game. I recommend learning how everything works in the tutorials, not 1 but several; luckily all the info is in the game.

I have only started to play, maybe that's why i think it's hard but I have a feeling if you try hard you'll be rewarded in the end. SO get the game beacause it's free and give it a try might be fun for you.

(Also please don't get the lazy newb pack because the creators of the game wouldn't like it if you did. Really).


The Mirror Lied

Game review - 1 disagree

The game was alright but I didn't really get what the story really meant. But it is one of those games you have work out what it means by yourself. This game might seem scary but it isn't. Just get the game anyway for something different. Another bonus it's free!

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