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The Body Changer is a 3D ACTION ADVENTURE with METROIDVANIA elements and an innovative characters control system, a lot of cool action and original puzzles.

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This is a demo that I've tried now and my judgment on this is 7/10

Nice made ​​with a comfortable quality, simple movements and a great way of learning about the game at the start. You must use your head and think fast sometimes and new challenges around the corner. Plus sound effects are very good as well with English subtitles.

I would have liked if it was with voices to the demo. I can not find any problems with the game itself. More opportunity - what I really like to play that you have more choices and not just one where you can not get ahead if you don't do it.

Keep up the good work, this was very well made!
From: Kark-Jocke /ModDB.com


The Demo was Excellent! i am Craving more Gameplay!! Truly great work so far.

Cartoon-y graphics, smooth game play, challenging. 9/10. Looking forward for the full release.

cool game

Darn good for a team of only two people.

Its cool, awesome game. Simple words


Мне нравится OGRE Engine, он позволяет людям создавать оригинальные проекты и этот проект не исключение. Отличная идея со сменой тел и меняющемся при этом геймплеем.


I liked the graphics very much, the concept is quite unique and interesting and the gameplay is very enjoyable. I didn't encounter any bugs or glitches(at least in the demo)and the Demo version is long enough to give you the feeling and the main poinst of the game.

Well done and best of luck!

Delivered smooth and enjoyable gameplay on my ancient machine. Would give a 10/10, but not really my genre. However, I will recommend to some of my friends who would enjoy it.

Nice stuff!

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Highest Rated (6 agree) 10/10

This is a really promising game. The genre is new and refreshing and I don't remember an indie studio that approached the puzzle genre this way before. That's something that need to be encouraged. I played and finished the game more than once. It's still in the early stages, pretty short but bug free. Let's say that at the time I'm writing, this alpha seems to be just a hint of what will be but the mechanics are there and that's what I'm exicited for. Also, the graphic style is really cool. Hope…

Jan 12 2014 by ilDestes