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Starship Corporation

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Impressive work maybe you might be able to use this same trick for a star trek game like

making the deck layout for the u.s.s enterprise 1701-D

Deck 1: Main Bridge, captain's ready room, conference lounge.

Subdeck - Bridge module ejection systems, emergency computer
and environmental systems.

Deck 2: Crew quarters, crew lounges, Worf's, Geordi's and Data's
quarters, extendable docking ports.

Deck 3: Crew quarters, guest quarters, shuttle control booth,
departure lounge, shuttlecraft subsystems.

Deck 4: Main Shuttlebay, shuttlecraft storage and service, crew
quarters, cargo bays, phaser practice range.

Deck 5: Crew quarters, senior staff quarters, shuttlecraft hangar,
computer core systems.

Deck 6: Transporter rooms one through four, crew quarters,
environmental systems, arboretum.

These are some examples for the deck layout of course there are over 42 decks with two different sections: Saucer and Stardrive making it much more unique

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