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STARSHIP CORPORATION is a starship-building tycoon game in which you must design and build spaceships for a hugely demanding galaxy-wide market. It is you who must decide which technologies to invest in first, where to open new offices and where to establish new markets. You must design every little detail about the interior layout of your creations, from the location of the bridge, engines, generators and crew quarters to the position of each elevator, corridor and power line. You must then gain an intergalactic reputation by testing your ships and their crew's capabilities in a series of real-time strategy missions, to simulate emergency or combat situations, and test your vessels to their limit - and let the competition know just what they are up against.

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Like an advanced more in depth version of FTL, looking forward to seeing the complete game

played it loved it, easy to learn hard to perfect

Impressive work maybe you might be able to use this same trick for a star trek game like

making the deck layout for the u.s.s enterprise 1701-D

Deck 1: Main Bridge, captain's ready room, conference lounge.

Subdeck - Bridge module ejection systems, emergency computer
and environmental systems.

Deck 2: Crew quarters, crew lounges, Worf's, Geordi's and Data's
quarters, extendable docking ports.

Deck 3: Crew quarters, guest quarters, shuttle control booth,
departure lounge, shuttlecraft subsystems.

Deck 4: Main Shuttlebay, shuttlecraft storage and service, crew
quarters, cargo bays, phaser practice range.

Deck 5: Crew quarters, senior staff quarters, shuttlecraft hangar,
computer core systems.

Deck 6: Transporter rooms one through four, crew quarters,
environmental systems, arboretum.

These are some examples for the deck layout of course there are over 42 decks with two different sections: Saucer and Stardrive making it much more unique


N31m4d says

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Fun ship building, extremely logical and deep, simulation feature is, interesting...


I've been following the development of this game from the beginning. I was one of the indiegogo funders for this project. I thought the game was incredibly promising, and offering something that I think so many of us have always wanted to play. An in-depth, complete [simulation] of running a Starship. (Maybe someone can make an unofficial star trek mod for it and life will be complete! :D

The developer has been incredibly responsive to community suggestions and I think this has added to the breadth of features that are currently in the Alpha releases, and so much more on the way.


thaolt says

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Really excited to see how this turns out - reminds me of Star Trek Starship Creator, except more technical, which I personally like. That said, it could turn off some people I suppose as it is a tad difficult to get a "working and all systems go" ship capable of meeting the minimum requirements for the one mission currently available on the alpha.


Love this game!!!


trun says

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Absolutely unplayable. Asks you to enter your name, can't use "U" because it thinks you're trying to undo something. Took a full minute to load a ship class for the first SOP mission. Clicked one button in the mission and the game crashed.