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I am still in learning stage but I know a lot about modeling in 3ds max,along with that I use Photoshop,and after trying out myself in game development I started to use Unity3D too.

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Small 3D models

blackdragonstory Blog

As time pass and more stuff is that I want to show here.So after some time I will resize the older images so the new ones are seen better.

Kunai Speed modeling

One Piece Capitain Morgan:
Do you remember first enemy on luffy way of becoming the pirate king.
Feared marine capitain Axe Hand Morgan.

Little 3D models:
Here are some 3d models that I did for a project named Route to the Great Blue.

Usopp Kabuto and SlingShot

2 Axe types and sword

There is more,but let's keep this blog clean :P


As I said in the description on Sonic in the images gallery here is a turnaround with wire.

I did this model long time ago for a game as I mentioned before.And now I am thinking of doing something awesome :)
Rig is ready,model is ready,I am ready :D
Also I updated the textures.

Tony Tony Chopper:

This model was created long time ago.My second try at modeling cute chopper :)


Bonus Pokemon - Magneton :

My thoughts

blackdragonstory Blog

This is my very first blog.
I am not sure what this will serve for and how it works but I will probably just type what I am currently doing withing 3D modeling and game development in general.
Since last time I posted something I have grown in a better 3D modeler and more.
Now I know how to texture(unwraping-photoshop),animating solids and organics,riging chars(pretty sure I could handle the rest too) ,programing remained pretty much the same(the base stuff I know can be very helpfull sometimes),now I create much better renders,previews,videos(there is still room for improvment).

Since I wasnt really back in the scene with all the development stuff on Beyblade Spinning Heroes I have been in 2 projects.In Shinobi Risings for a very short time as a 3D modeler for static models and later characters.Before I managed to do anything the project started looking as it was going to die and since I got in another project in the meantime,I left them.Later on they came back and I am glad they did.Team members there are pretty good fellows.

The second project I joined is a newly started game about curently on hold anime Bleach.The full game name is Spirits of Zanpakto or short SoZ which is pretty catchy.Here I intensly worked on characters,well for now just one(Rukia),but for now we dont need more.They already had main character Ichigo.
P.S.Next planed character that will go to first release is Grimjaw(This is supposed to be a secret),and that's where I came in as a 3D modeler.While I was in this team I tried many times work with bones,endless rigs untill I finally manage to learn how it works.There are only some small things left that are really for professional guys.I guess it's too early for me xD
Animation can be quite frustrating if you rig isnt "easy going",that is another part I need to learn more on.

2 months ago I thought I would buy myself a wacom tablet for drawing,sculpting and similar but now when time came I am out of money :(
I guess next year then.

See ya then soon I guess :)

P.S.There is 3 guys working on a great game and I am pretty sure if you lend them your support they will make an awesome game.Game name is Route to the Great Blue .

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