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Writing a story for a game can be hard but persistence pays off.
Im doing a story for a game ATM its going to be about 200 to 400+ pages long and its going to be one hell of a story! but... it'll take about a few years to type. (Very complex)but it proceding good :-))

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assault911 Blog

The game ideas thing is just down the bottom of this blog if you have some ideas ^_^

My top ten favorite games

1> Persona 3 FES
2> Persona 4
3> Freelancer
4> ACE COMBAT The Belken War
5> ACE COMBAT Squadron Leader
6> Star Wars Battlefront II
7> Yakuza
8> Farcry
9> Final Fantasy VIII
10>Kill Zone

I have alot more favorites but cant put them all down.
I play about 100 games a year!!!
I know what your thinking (That's insane!!!)Ha ha!!! Yep, I'm insane!

What do i Recommend?

I recommend you get Persona 3 FES (PS2), the game can last up to 300
hours plus its full of story Action and has a great seance of humor.
This game has an incredibly rare thing about it that is it can be
replayed over and over and you never get board! even if you wast about
170 to 300(it has to story lines to follow) hours of your life!
The game is so polished that i litterly encounted no bugs in it!
and the graphics are amazing for the type of game! and to top it off,
it offers a social experience of a lifetime! and to go with that it puts you
in the most awkward most funniest situations ever! and i mean EVER!!! lol
and i forgot to say, it has an insane AI for your teammates! they pretty much
take care of themselves, lol they seek out the enemy's strong and weak points
then target its weakness every time and try to avoid its strong points! plus
you can give them certain orders to make the most of it!

it a game i recommend to everyone who likes RPG TBS and even then i bet people
who don't like that kind of thing will get addicted to it!

So go out there and get it!!!!!! you wont regret it. :D

At the moment im creating a story for a game its going to be about 200/400+ pages
long. so far. i cant give too much away as of copyright issues but one thing i can
say is once it gets finished and if it gets published, i hope it can take 20?? game/series of
the year as the story is so complex it has about 11+ long interwoven story's plus the ability
to make as many story attachments to it, the bonus as well it can have a (what if) story in it.
(what if) like the other ending of a game and start a series there)

So that's my project im doing, i wish i could tell more but that's a secret! hahahaha!

Hey everyone!

Well since my story has a long way to go.
If you have some idea of what you want in a game, just post it hear!
here a are few things you might post.

1>Some type of personality for a character?
2>Some type of event you would like to see?
3>What type of ending? Happy or maybe sad? or multiple?
4>How would a character act if put into a situation of your choice ^^
5>If it was a horror, what would you like to see in that category?
6>Same with other category's as well.
7>The game im designing is designated for both male and female, Come on people! i need feedback
from both sides here!
8>What type of game would you like? post them as well if you like. planing to be a game designer
so it cant hurt to know what people want^_^
9>Don't forget the story is gonna be huge! so post as much as you like!!!!!

Thank you for posting, Ill try to reply as often as i can! ;-D

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assault911 Creator

Hm? sorry. been quite busy with story writing and PC recycling. Will send
you a PM :)

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How are your sins coming along?

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