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Indie Game Developer - Artist - Designer - www.aquafoxstudio.com Praise for The Network: "Succeeds as a complement to surreal films like The Matrix that make you second-guess trusting your computer." - Dualshockers.com "You can’t help but notice how pretty The Network is in its simplicity & it’s a beautiful thing to witness'' - Dualshockers.com
"A game quite unusual & The Network is a beautiful discovery" - GameSideStory.com

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official blog: Aquafoxstudio.weebly.com

Introducing the official Aquafox blog follow the link above to get all the latest information, media, and pure awesomeness. Follow Aquafox on facebook, twitter, youtube, linkedin, and indiedb (all the cool kids are doing it - ya peer pressure).

website: www.aquafoxstudio.com
email: contact@aquafoxstudio.com

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AquaFox is a one man Indie Company developing unique artistic downloadable games. Based out of Florida. Check out www.aquafoxstudio.com for more info...

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