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I am an Indie game designer based in the UK. I have recently graduated from University with a first class honours in game design. Now I am following my passion for creating fun and unique games and learning all of the skills necessary to create new and fun gaming experiences. My current specializations are in Unity3D with c# and JavaScript, Sound design, Foley recording and music design for games, basic 3D modelling and texturing in 3DS max. I have good knowledge of the Adobe Suite especially Photoshop, After Effects and Audition. I have also worked with UDK, CryEngine and Hammer in the past as well as LightWave3D9. My interests in game design are in level design and sound design for games. Other interests of mine are Metal gigging, Motorsports, Gaming and creative writing. I am hoping to make it big in games with the smallest team (one!) Please feel free to contact me if you would like any help, to collaborate or extra pair of hands for a project!

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The making of ReversE and other interesting tales

AlloydGD Blog

I have probably posted this before somewhere however I thought after yesterdays give away which blew my mind (Thank you all for being stars!) I thought it would only be appropriate and fitting to show off some of the processes and techniques I looked into and resources I used to create ReversE!

Here is a link to my Blog - Andrewlloydgd.wordpress.com
I thought it would provide an interesting insight and add a bit more of a human side to the man behind the game and my journey of cutting my way into the industry and trying to make an impact in gaming! I would be more than happy to answer any questions regarding development, tutorial sites or even other non specific questions too!

Lastly my twitter account if you wish to follow is @alloydGD as I am constantly on there, it has become a bad habit! I will be increasing my attempts to tighten up my blogging in the future and try to get things a bit more streamlined :)

Final note: Thanks to everybody who checked out ReversE yesterday and special thanks to Reddit user Jefken001 who relentlessly spread the message around the internet yesterday, MrAGVG for uploading this video - a gameplay video of ReversE he kindly put together as well as all the people on SteamGifts forum, GoG forum, IndieGameMag.com , Reddit, the GATT group on steam mods and staff and PlayItForward group on steam mods and staff! Sorry if I missed anyone off the list! :D

Submitted my new game ReversE to IndieDB!

AlloydGD Blog

I have submitted the information, screenshots and media for my new mirror logic based puzzle game ReversE. The game is still in progress but very near to completion so I will be expecting to release the game for general download soon and hopefully get it onto Desura! I will keep posting updates as much as I can in the next few weeks regarding the games progress and hopefully the posting of a playable demo of the game!

First post!

AlloydGD Blog

Iv'e decided to join moddb today in an effort to promote some of my work and find like-minded people who have a passion for games development. I have started posting some examples of my work from the project on my second year of uni. I am in need of learning more 3D software as I feel totally inexperienced on most parts of it such as modelling however I feel I have a good knack for 3D design and level design as it interests me so I am going to continue building levels and environments in UDK and other engines.

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