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Vox v0.19

AlwaysGeeky Blog

So version 0.19 of Vox has been released on Desura and IndieDB.

Here are the major new features:

  • Particle effects can now be attached to ANY part of the characters body.
  • Chest items that contain loot.
  • Loot GUI that allows you to collect items from chests.
  • New monsters - skeletons!
  • Skeleton archers shoot you from a distance.
  • Skelebobs chase you and try to kill your with their deadly swords.
  • King Slime boss spawns when you kill too many of his little slime buddies.
  • New music loop for night time.
  • Random ore generation in the world, mine for your ore.
  • Scenery objects randomly generated to make the world look nicer - grass/flowers.


I am going to see how this is received first and take a few days to make sure that there are not any major bugs or really annoying problems that people face. When I put out v0.18 I didnt realise it would be quite so long until I was able to update to v0.19 and there was an annoying graphics bug/crash that actually prevented a lot of people from playing too far into the game (beyond the main menu) and I was in a situation where I couldn't deploy a quickfix since I was already too far ahead into some major changes.

So I will hold off starting anything major for a couple of days just to be sure there are no showstopper bugs present in 0.19, before I get onto the exciting things I have planned for v0.20!


Vox v0.16

AlwaysGeeky Blog

Currently very busy working on version 0.16 of Vox.

So far here is a tentative list of upcoming features that will be included in the new version:

  • X360 gamepad support.
  • Absolute player movement, i.e. the player is not forced to always be looking forward.
  • Monsters in the world to attack and kill!
  • Player respawning when killed.
  • Health hearts dropped by monsters to restore player health
  • Coins dropped by monsters.
  • NPCs and quest system.
  • A simple quest in the world to test the quest round tripping. i.e talking to an NPC while you currently have a quest, quest completion logic, etc.
  • And many bug fixes...

I should have this update finished in a couple of days and will be posting the update to both Desura and IndieDB.

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