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Studied Philosophy in the University of Barcelona, lived a time on London, and spent all his life playing games and creating them (boardgames, tabletop RPG, and computer games). Graphic designer aficionado, novel programmer and amateur Game Designer.

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Offensive. The Dear Leader of my country has finally put in motion a "Law of economic progress" for little entrepreneurs that limits the quantity of money they can give away to crowfundings every month, in his very way to lead what this left of this country to be an authentic oligarchic country of goat shepherds.

Normal people will can only give money to crowfunding up to 10.000€/month, and only 3.000€ to a single project. Big companies, on the other hand, can give any money they want ('cause if not they were going to kick Mr.President out of his chair).

What this for?

1) Control money use of normal people
2) Make little entrepreneurs dependant of the banks. Fundraised companies? To the hell with you! Ask for a credit; Wait for the bank to ruin you the next year!

Next thing they'll do is control donations to charity, I'll better hide my paypal donnations buttons before the Liberty Police comes to my house.

This is after they make a law to charge Facebook, Google, etc every time a user links a Spanish newspaper on it. Just after that, My blogspot turn fromcom to com.es, and I assume it's a slow slope to excommunicate the nation from the rest of the world. Blocking Spanish blogs and webpages visibility from the rest of the internet? Yeah...

I have to speed my *** out to launch any crowfunding I wanted to in this country before we finally cannot be heard in the world, sell a good game/or make enough profit working, and get the hell out here before we return to the glorious Dark Ages of Spain.

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Post Holidays Update

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