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This game blew me away. I am a big fan of arcade games including 2D platformers, so I thought "Why not?". Note: You guys have to realize that when you purchase this, you are paying for the alpha and there are already a LOT of levels in Alpha and there is room for improvement. Did I mention this game was made by a single guy? Yep.
This game is a 2D platformer created by GorePixel Games (one guy atm) and is their first game. Think of Super Meat Boy but a mix of its own style. The soundtrack is great so far and everything is awesome! AMAZING job by the game developer!


Prixol Poracy

Game review

This is the BEST pirate simulator I have ever played. Yes, at the moment it has its fair shares of bugs and glitches, but even then it is a very polished Early Access game and it is worth $15!


Endless Space

Game review

Project Zomboid

Early access game review

I gave this game a ten out of ten because it gives you so many aspects that are true in a real zombie appocalypse. You need to focus on food, water, if you're scratched, etc. This game also does well with the loot system and the zombies. IF you break into a house, an alarm might go off and it will bring the zombies to the house! Not you, just the house and if they see you at the house, then you're screwed. This game also does well with the system that they let you do whatever. You feel like you need to survive and I love that aspect of the game. This is a game that people have been waiting for, games need to make you feel like you are part of the game and that is exactly what Project Zomboid does.

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