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Endless Space is a turned-based Strategy game where you colonize Planets and wage War against other Species.

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Endless Space definitely looks good. Nice, clean graphics, great, user-friendly UI.
However, the gameplay itself, a far more important thing, is extremely shallow and uninteresting. That's why as a 4X game it fails horribly.

The game is brilliance and mod support greatly increases the fun you can get out of it. Has quite a steep learning curve compared with most strategy games I've found but once you learn what your doing its a great experience.

Mod support for mulitplayer is not finished. Likely to be so in the future. Looks great but is shallow compared to most 4x games. AI does passably in planet management but fleet moving and merging gets to be a real pain. Consider way-points.

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With the release of the Endless Space 2 later this month I decided to revise and review its predecessor. It has been almost 5 years since the release of the first Endless Space and it's remarkable how the game can still hold up as a great game even so many years later. The gameplay is very addicting and although it might not have a tutorial level or scenario it displays all the information that the player needs, when the player needs. If you never played a game of this magnitude you might feel lost at first because there is so much to manage, so many options and so much strategic depth but learning and discovering all the little things and systems that this game has to offers is part of its fun.

Taking the 4X turn-based strategy to outer space, Endless Space expands on the genre's recipe and with its 8 different victory conditions the game really incites the player to try multiple strategies and approaches. The battle system is very simplified but it has a good depth to it. Most of the strategy here comes before the battle itself from optimizing your ships depending on the resources you have and trying to predict your opponent's strategies and weapons.

In terms of civilizations Endless Space offers a good variety. Some are human-like, others mechanical and others more alien. And they all play differently, with unique differences like the ability to colonize all planets right from the start or the ability to leave your system and migrate to other planets. A nice touch is that each civilization has it's own ship designs. In the overworld there isn't much to speak off in terms of graphics since the game aim for a simplistic "holographic style". The plot is quite absent but Endless Space does offer unique lore to each of the civilizations. This lore is delivered through a little cinematic that install the right mood and mindset for understanding that species backstory and playstyle.

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Even today Endless Space is a game that can hold up as the simplistic graphic style doesn’t show its age and the strong gameplay provides for many hours of engagement and entertainment. The unique concepts, the great array of available and uncommon civilizations and the multiple victory conditions make replaying the game feel non-repetitive and that’s something that Endless Space really relies on since it doesn’t have a campaign or story mode. This is one of my favorite 4X games until now and I’ll be looking forward to the release of Endless Space 2 later this month.


Simply a fantastic game. It has everything anyone could ever want in a 4x genre game and is set in SPACE! WOOHOO!


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A great spatial 4X.


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this is a great game


This music fits so well to the game's atmosphere. It's very well designed. It took me a while to figure out how to control fleets & stuff but it was worth it. This game is amazingly addictive.

This game in my opinion is very.... complicated, extremely hard to understand, and evidently boring to play for the most part.

Storyline/plot: 2/10

Gameplay/balance: 4/10

Immersion/Fun Factor/feel: 2/10

AI: 3/10

Tactics/mechanics: 7/10

Upkeep/Maintenance: 5/10

Learning Curve/understanding of game: 1/10

Race customization with fun factor: 8/10

Art/aesthetics: 8/10

Objectives/goal: 5/10

Worth the buy: 2/10

Don't get me wrong, this game has potential, but getting into the game is a nightmare. First things that come to mind is the off feel of the game. I did not like the music, the tutorials are not slightly helpful, it had no voice acting... and it is incredible how quickly an Easy AI can dominate you with ease. I also had my ships going in directions I don't want them to go.

Wormhole travel is impossible to do early game so you can't explore beyond being "trapped". Talking to your allies early without going to war is impossible and the game really drags on from there when you have absolutely no idea what to do.

I also hated the fact that things take forever to build, and I noticed that most of the time, I am clicking "end turn" perhaps most of the game.

Balance is... good I guess, I completely LOVED ship customization and that was hands down very terrific. The art is incredible, but the mechanics and general gameplay is unbelievably brutal.

I played three games of this, I tried so hard to like this game, I finally got a few things down, capturing some planets, finally getting some military out there, yet I can't do anything or go anywhere because the Easy AI is buffed up like crazy for us beginners.

I would have liked this game.... a lot if you had some kind of decent learning mechanic and take things slow at first with revamped economy and gameplay plus improved the outrageous AI.

This game is so demoralizing and at the same time, a failure at maintaining its potential.


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