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Blood, Sweat and Gold was Greenlit in 16 days. I'll be posting a proper news update to the indiedb news feed shortly. Reaching this point quickly has demonstrated that this project can indeed be successful. There are a good number of players out there interested in the game.

The second major development is that I've locked down adequate funding to complete development.

This second point, adequate funding, finally allows me the opportunity to really focus on what matters most: the real game. I have the ability to really work on core gameplay instead of rushing from short term goal to short term goal. For my process, this is huge. It allows breathing room, freedom and will help assure that Blood, Sweat and Gold will be a solid, fun game.

The current roadmap into the future is as follows:

3-4 Months of core development:

  • Finalization of UI (additional polish)
  • An adequate (although not completely polished) tutorial, explaining some of the finer points of the game.
  • Additional Content: more maps, encounters, enemies
  • More refined classes: more abilities, more visual effects
  • Additional tactical game modes: escape mode, assassinate mode, escort mode
  • Deeper encounter options: more variation in outcome from encounters

At this point, I plan to release early access. The goal of early access is singular: to gather more feedback from a much wider range of players aimed at improving the quality of the game. The early access window should be between 2-3 months of final polish or changes based entirely on player feedback.

I've also been working to gather play testers for the next round of testing (this will be in 3-4 weeks). Feel free to message me here if you're interested.

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