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Posted by Coequal on


My names Leigh, I'm the creative director/Project Coordinator for our open world, Free running, survival game. We are currently a small team of 10 members, however, each and every team member is very talented and devoted to this project. We're always looking for new additions to this team weather it be concept art, programming, animating, modeling or story writing. This listing is for Story boarding which is referring to visually depicting a sequence of events in our story to assist and solidify the overall progression of the main plot. This role is very important and requires a strong understanding of the games planned atmosphere and setting. This role will start by depicting the very beginning of the game, all the way to the very end, along with everything in-between. If this is something you're interested in, please read the requirements below!


- Must be active on Discord.

- Able to take criticism.

- Experienced in story telling.

- Speaks and writes in 90-100% clear English.

- Can give thorough descriptions.

- Capable of formulating strong suspense.

- Keeps work organized and consistent.

- Is able to adjust to adjust to lore pre-written.

- Can draw to some degree (Enough to clearly illustrate what is happening.)

- Willing to sign NDA.

- Respectful to the project and team members, responsible, reliable, positive and passionate about the project.

- 5-15 hours a week dedicated to project.

What we offer:

- Dedicated team.

- Professional workflows.

- Adaptive environment.

- Constructive criticism.

- Flexible working times.

- Devoted team members.

- Wonderful community.



- Has leadership qualities.

- If you have any other talent besides this listed one. (Contact us even if you aren't interested in this particular field.)


If anything was unclear here, please toss us an email and we'll see to your questions being answered!
(This role is unpaid.)

Everyone in this project has proven they love what they do and will support this project till its completed. I can honestly say everyone on this team wants nothing but the best for one another and is willing to push each other to their fullest potential.

To Apply

Please email: Officiallycoequal@gmail.com
In the email, please state your name, desired position and any example work you have done in the past. (Portfolio)
You will be required to answer a few questions, then directed to join our Discord.
In our discord you will be interviewed, informed of our rules and asked to sign the NDA. Upon acceptance, you will be given an assigned team that you will be directly associated with. You will also be introduced to your lead and progress will commence from there.
Thank you for your interest!

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