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Deathmask Studios are looking for an Animator to work together with us in our project "The Curse of Ashenby". To us the animations are a big part of the polish of our game and we see you being an important piece of our puzzle. We would like to give you full creativity and design character controllers within our Unity environment as well as getting our characters and monsters setup and ready for a great user experience. We are using UMA characters so experience with this is also helpful

Basic Qualifications:
-Unity experience.
-Created good and efficient character controllers.
-Animate and giving characters/monsters personalities.
-We are using a realistic style so experience in this is needed.
-Most of all you are dedicated and sharing the same passion as we do for the project.

Bonus Qualifications:
-Experience in UI/GUI is a huge plus.
-Coding experience is also a huge plus.
-UMA experience.

Our team consists of hobbyists trying to create our vision. We do this one our spareteam since we all have families. We are having meetings one a week.

We are creating a multiplayer Fantasy RPG with a big focus on character development and aiming for a challenging gameplay that promotes teamwork.

Here are some images from the game to give you an idea of the style and look of the game:

Character Select: Imgur.com

Cave: Imgur.com

Cave: Imgur.com

Quarry: Imgur.com

Village: Imgur.com

This is a royalty/revshare development. We are doing this work without compensation until the game is released. We are looking for a member to have a long term commitment to get this project done.

To Apply

Please send a mail to nobleknight23@hotmail.com and tells us more about yourself and your experience.

Website: deathmaskstudios.com (the site is though a bit outdated since we made a big change in the design but alot of the environments are at least visible there. Though the features are changing and it is now multiplayer as well. So the site will undergo a revamp when we are ready to share the new details.)

Animator, GUI, UI
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