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Add job [Rev-Share] Game + Level Designer Wanted at Enigmatic Studios Ltd

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Level Designers located Anywhere.

Posted by LiamBowles on


We are Enigmatic Studios, a start-up studio based in Hampshire, England but with 17 team members around the globe. We strive to provide projects that will grant students, graduates and self-taught individuals projects to add to their portfolios to bolster their chances of advancing their careers with the game industry. We believe by supporting young talent today we can ensure a stronger industry tomorrow.

We are currently looking to expand our team with brand new roles as we begin production on our second title for PS4, PC and other platforms. The project will be a 3D puzzle title with surreal and supernatural overtones that we hope will be the first game in an expanded narrative experience. We are seeking someone with a passion for Game Design and preferably some level and puzzle design knowledge. The duties for this role are as follows:

  • Work with the creative director to realise the vision of the project as well as other team leads to ensure that the scope of the project is being met.
  • Working with the Creative Director to create the Game Design Documents ready to be sent to third-party partners and investors.
  • Attending Weekly meetings with the team to discuss progress and help answer questions that arise from the team.
  • Helping to flesh out game mechanics and systems within the project.

The primary requirements for this role are as follows:

  • Knowledge of game and narrative flow
  • fully fluent in both written and spoken English
  • An understanding of game mechanic design
  • An ability to receive feedback from your fellow team members
  • Ability to properly format a game design document
  • A strong ability to collaborate

For more information about who we are please head over to www.enigmaticstudios.co.uk

To Apply

Please sent CVs and statements about yourself to liam.bowles@enigmaticstudios.co.uk. Our last role saw a fantastic response and whilst we strive to respond to everyone this may not be possible. We aim to be in touch within 2 weeks if we believe you are suitable for the position.

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