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My name is Davis, and I am looking for 1-2 animators to join our team to make a fast paced, action-heavy 2D combat platformer. The setting is futuristic, filled with humans, cyborgs and robots. Being able to draw human anatomy at least adequately well, drawing mechanical parts, and the knowledge of animating quick movements and attacks is highly recommended for the spot. You will also need to have and know Adobe Flash/Animate to be considered. However, don't let that description scare you away. This is a passion project of mine, and I want the game development to be a fun time and a good learning experience for everyone involved

Unlike some people, I don't believe people need a years of fancy schooling or any certain years of experience to be able to do a great job. However, if you apply, I would like a sample of some work to look at. Videos you've done, Gestures, doodles in your notebook, anything that can help me get a sense of your style. Also, we are a small team, so being able to as help with another aspect of art development, such as concept/character design, would really help your chances of the role.

Story: hundreds of years in the future, the line between robot and human has been blurred so much that they have become one. In the territory once known as China, deep underground, top level government facilities have genetically engineered the most dangerous mix of mech and man. (his name is TBD) Fast, mobile, and armed with only blades and his agility, this living weapon fills out his orders with extreme efficiency. However, he has yet to realize he is only a cog in a much larger battle in dominance over the region
I have included some test drawings for the Player to help show the art style of this game. At the games current state, they are not finished, but they can be with your help!


Unfortunately, I can't promise any compensation currently, but down the road I plan to make this public and reimburse our team for our combined efforts with any revenue gained.

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If this interests you, or you have any questions, feel free to email me at DavisHillArt@gmail.com

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