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I hated people not donating to FREE PROJECTS (Groups : Linux Gamers : Forum : Open source : I hated people not donating to FREE PROJECTS) Locked
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Feb 17 2012 Anchor

Why I say this today?

because I spotted I.imgur.com

humble bundle majong such a game got tons of funding instantly in compare to open source game community got negative financial status.

$168,000 for 1 game >>>>> Donations for 200 Open Source Games Projects

Mar 3 2012 Anchor

Well, of course one could suggest that people are just "cheap", but this isn't always the case. First of all, people like to give money, in exchange of something. Charity is therefore a category of its own. Donating without something in return is something honorable to do, precisely because it isn't something people do by default. I believe one shouldn't hate people who don't donate - only admire people who do donate. A very big part of the open source appeal is this idea of giving to the community without asking for anything in return (besides respecting the license etc.).

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