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Standalone mods and addons (Groups : Desura : Forum : Feature Request : Standalone mods and addons) Locked
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Oct 9 2011 Anchor

An install setting (checkbox) that enables installation of stand-alone mods (mods that don't require the original game to play).

Suggested installation path:
Desura Application folder (/Common/) just like games

Suggested install settings checkboxes:
(game profile) This game supports standalone mods and addons that can be played without the game installed/owned
(mod profile) This mod is completely standalone and doesn't require the original game to play

For standalone mods such as:
Bananasauros for Commander Keen, Ya3dag for Quake II, Twisted Insurrection for C&C Tiberian Sun (and many more!).

That way no mod would have to be moved to Games section, and can be installed in a stand-alone way it is and still be tied to the original game as mod developers wish so.

Oct 9 2011 Anchor

Good idea feilyne, How ever since mods are free and we have more pressing issues with paid content atm prob wont happen for a while


Nov 6 2011 Anchor

Thanks. Hmm, would it be easy to do? It seems that only a code snippet to pass by usual checking whether the original game is installed would be needed (plus web GUI for checkboxes). A simple "ignore install checks" option. ;-)

Would like to publish these three stand-alone mods
Twisted Insurrection Moddb.com
The Dawn of Tiberium Age Moddb.com
Return of the Dawn Moddb.com

Edited by: feillyne

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