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Welcome to the 3rd Annual App of the Year Awards. An epic celebration of mobile games for developers and players, with the years finest chosen by you and us.

RSS App of the Year 2014 - Players Choice

The time has come, announcing the best Apps of 2014 as selected by you.

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Welcome to the Players Choice, App of the Year Event, Congratulations to all the nominees for making it this far, Onwards to the celebration!


5 Developer - odigrodrigo Release: | Released Nov 15, 2014 Balloon

Balloon is a side-scroll adventure puzzle game with funny characters, tight controls and a 16-bit retro style.
You play as Balloon, a treasure hunter that after a life of adventure was relaxing alongside his inseparable buddy Moonkey, and the last big treasure they found: The legendary treasure of the not so legendary pirate Graze Beard! Unfortunately for our heroes, a shady character also wanted the treasure for himself. Read more...

4 Developer - Infinite Eurekas Release: | Released Sep 16, 2014 Huerons

Huerons is a challenging puzzle game that will make you think hard and long.
The rush of solving a puzzle after bending your mind a million times around it is what will keep you pushing forward. With more than 100 levels, you are looking at days spent in the pursuit of perfection. And it all works with simplest of rules: “Adjacent Huerons merge at empty cells between them”. Read more...

3rd PlaceDeveloper - 48h Studio Release: | Released Feb 5, 2014 Avoid: Sensory Overload

Avoid is a frenetic, fast and challenging runner with a simple but well refined graphical style. It offers an addictive arcade gameplay in the spirit of old coin-op games. You play as a ship whose mission is to survive as long as possible dodging obstacles and enemies with the help of various power ups. All this while the background follows the music like a visualizer.

Features Randomly generated endless mode Levels Mode Multiple graphical styles associated to different musical genres Beautiful original soundtrack Power Ups Dynamic backgrounds. Read more...

2nd Place:Developer - Illyriad Games Release: | Released May 16, 2011 Illyriad - Grand Strategy MMO

Build a village, create an Empire! Forge Alliances with thousands of players. Craft and Trade 380+ resources and items in an entirely player driven market. Battle wars against other players, or with 100+ warring NPC factions and their 700+ troop types. Research 400+ technologies, and build 70+ buildings to create your own specialised cities. Build, plan, gather, craft, trade, scheme and fight in this strategy epic! Read more...

1st Place:Developer - Telehorse Release: | Released Sep 8, 2014 Steampunker

Steampunker is a point-and-click adventure game for iPads. The game has unique hand-drawn steampunk graphics and original music. The adventures of Vincent, our hero, begin when evil robots attack the Earth.

The game contains a series of puzzles linked together into a traditional "point-and-click" adventure story. Steampunker won two awards in November! First one – Indie Prize for Best Game Art at Casual Connect in Belgrade, the second one in Warsaw – Appaward 2014 for best entertainment iOS app. Earlier Steampunker was nominated to Indie Prize at Tokyo Game Show 2014 and was in official selection for Indie Prize at Casual Connect in San Francisco! Read more...

Steampunker ScreenshotsSteampunker ScreenshotsSteampunker Screenshots

As a reward for your hard work, the winner will take home a one-of-a-kind memento, a IOTY pocket watch, acknowledging the time and hard work you have dedicated to your project and community.


These were hand made by A E Williams Pewter specially for this event, you can also get your own custom loot (drinking horns, goblets, etc) made by them.


Thank you for voting for Steampunker! Congratulations to all other TOP5 game developers!

On Monday our Indiegogo campaign ended. We raised money needed for improving the existing iPad version and developing the iPhone and Android versions which will be available by the end of January. We also plan to release the PC and Mac versions in 2015 but there are no specific dates for them.

Happy New Year to all the game developers and gamers community!

Mariusz Szypura & Jacek Kakolewski

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Good luck with your projects ;)

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Woho!! Thanks for voting for us people! Huerons is 4th app of the year! :D

Congratulations to all the others and specially to Steampunker!
Have a great year ahead

Mudit Jaju
- Infinite Eurekas

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Congrats to the winners!

Is it possible to see the category winners?

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