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A management game, with relaxed long‑turns that do NOT require you to set alarms at 3am :D a gloomy early‑1900 setting, elegant monsters, brawls, and much more… This is the last giveaway I'm running before the launch on Kickstarter next week!

Created by Lohoris on

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100 copies of Ork Manager: Coal & Top hats won

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Ork Manager: Coal & Top hats

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Lohoris Creator
Lohoris - - 19 comments

== How to redeem the keys ==

• Register a new account here Omct.orkmanager.com (you don't need the key to register, you can add it later)

• Once you verify your email, you will immediately be prompted for your Team's name: once you
submit that, you'll be ready to Brawl!

• You can redeem your code from this page Omct.orkmanager.com
The code allows you to turn your Team from Free trial to Pro \o/

• Once you have redeemed the code, you can go to the Conference page, and near your Team's name click "Sign out" and immediately "Sign in" again: this way, the Team will play as Pro since its first match! Omct.orkmanager.com
If you forget to complete this step it's not a problem: later you'll have a simpler "Turn Pro" button, still in the Conference page.

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Lohoris Creator
Lohoris - - 19 comments

== Help ==

Feel free to ask me questions about it, either here, on in any of the socials linked on the homepage :D Omct.orkmanager.com

Here's the game's provisional guide Omct.orkmanager.com, but don't be alarmed: you can start playing without knowing pretty much anything about the game.

What you need to know from day 1 is just this:

1. the first match of your Team will be drawn Friday at dinnertime (GMT), so it may be in a few hours or in about a week, depending on when you sign in. Before that, just wait. It's a relaxed game <3

2. once your Team is active, you'll have two deadlines: lineups Tuesday at lunchtime, tactics Friday at dinnertime.

3. it doesn't matter at all when in the 3.5 days you set your lineups or tactics: this game is designed specifically not to require you to react promptly to events, nor to set alarm clocks at specific times!

May some of you arise to the rank of Mayor someday!

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QrCo - - 4 comments

Key: 9231‑3146‑2448

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Tinanh - - 46 comments

Thank you!

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Lohoris Creator
Lohoris - - 19 comments

The Cthulings concealed the links from the posts above for a prank, so I've written a nicely formatted article, with working links, explaining how to redeem the codes!

I'll post the link here, but in case it doesn't work, you'll just find it on the Ork Manager's page.


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Lohoris Creator
Lohoris - - 19 comments

Thank you everyone for taking part in this giveaway!

I'll be very glad to have new users, I hope you'll love this game, and see you soon on Kickstarter!

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imjohnblue - - 295 comments

Thank you kindly.

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