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Run giveaway Developers What is the Indie DB daily deal?

"Marketing sucks we know. It's expensive, time consuming and you've got a game to make. The Indie DB giveaway is about giving your game 24hours of uninterupted exposure, and getting the community engaged and excited in the process."

Inspired by Steam daily deals

From talking to developers, the #1 challenge we continually hear is that getting visibility in daily deals and the top charts is incredibly challenging. Our daily giveaway is a free marketing tool for indie teams only. Run a giveway and we guarantee you 24hours of exposure on our homepage, which is a big deal.

Small commitment, big reward

Each day indie developers enquire about running advertisments on Indie DB. While this is the best way to promote your games launch and hit the top-charts when it matters most (and it helps us), for some advertising is outside their budget. Our daily giveaway offers many of the same benefits, we only ask that you donate a minimum of 100 CD keys that we can giveaway to our community.

Everyone benefits

We understand that you put your heart and soul into your projects. We do too, but adblock continues to be a massive challenge. Instead of turning to the darkside and running bad ads or letting blocked ads goto waste, we decided to innovate and fill these slots by promoting one game giveaway a day. In doing so we get to show awesome ads, you get to promote your game and our community can win games in the process.