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Math Combat Challenge is a Math game, and is also a survival game, with some First Person areas and starship areas. The key of the game is solving math problems while trying to survive. Complexity of the math problems are random and can be configured, from simple adds to equations. Some panels require the player to look for the right number across the arena (static panels). Others appear just some seconds with different solutions, where you must shoot the right answer before disappearing (dynamic panels). There are 41 achievements now integrated to the game, more to come. There are four levels and five arenas, and enemies will try to stop you from solving the math problems. You'll have to deal with the math problems while fighting the enemy. The paradox of solving math and fight is what you'll need to achieve in order to win. Too many errors, and you fail. That is also configurable. Math, survival, space, starships, and action. That is Math Combat Challenge.

Created by Richard_Tsakalidis on

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Hmrocker - - 424 comments


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furiousdestroyer4000 - - 47 comments

Thank you

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k1i9lle9r1a - - 16 comments

Math textbooks are getting smarter! I like the idea though. Let them play and learn at the same time.

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KingRider - - 11 comments


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G0t0wned - - 733 comments

Thanks :)

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emirismaildonmez - - 29 comments

Thanks :)

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ThundaSnake - - 11 comments

thank u so much for the game guys !

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JoséCalderón - - 167 comments

Thank you!

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Obiel - - 38 comments

Thanks a bunch. Learning and playing are two of my top favorite things to do so this is a great combo.

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FallAlone - - 193 comments

No lucky anymore (

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cadu21 - - 117 comments

Muito obrigado !!

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