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Race through the city streets and drift through tight alleyways to claim first place; only instead of racing cars, you're racing cats!

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Patch Notes:

  • Reduced build size by around 50% by crunch compressing many large textures and removing some unused lightmaps.
  • Improved game performance. On my GTX 1070ti PC, I'm seeing double the fps improvement (~60fps > 130fps) on Ultra quality settings, so I hope this remedies some issues on low-end hardware.
  • Cats should no longer fall through the floor when crashing at high speed.
  • All cats should now be easier to control. Turning should be much less sensitive and drifting now requires less effort to start, but more effort to keep going.
  • AI opponents should now be more merciful. Their rubberbanding is more intense on lower difficulties.
  • Updated the Controls screen. It is now called the "How To Play" screen.
  • Added some more directional arrows, specifically to the technical City Park section of the Big City track.


Known Issues:

  • There may be some flickering lighting when racing in Big City. This is due to low-quality lighting combined with LODs, which are both part of the performance improvements. If this becomes too annoying for some, I will fix this in future.
  • There are LOD issues on lower-quality settings, but tbh this is expected to help those on low-end hardware.
  • Still no pause menu. There will be one in the full game though!

This will be the final jam build as I will focus on creating the full game!
Please track development by following me on Twitter!

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