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Zomble Outbreak is a game where you will ether control the virus or the government forces to try and eliminate the humans or the Zombles. The main core the game will be built around is a small town (as large as I can make it while keeping the performance high), each citizen will have their daily routine to add some depth to the simulation. As things go wrong they will start to barter with each other for supplies or flee in droves to a safe zone. My main inspiration for this was a old game called Zombie Outbreak Simulator Class 3, a game which the pre alpha emulates. The Alpha of the game will consist of getting a toybox ready where you input the settings then sitback and watch with more gameplay stuff being focused in the Beta. Hope you enjoy it and please give me your feedback you also have my permission to monetize videos with this game.

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So it has been a bit of time but I am back on here. Since my last post I have been working on a few projects, one to get me a bit more familiar with coding (working on a security program to learn a few things I need) and the other being a project that is more art heavy then Zomble Outbreak. I will continue to post updates here and on my new site but mostly on my site since it will be the fastest point that I have these updates. Currently Zomble Outbreak is one of my 2 projects that I am working on and I am doing two projects so that if I get burned out on one I can jump to the other. The other thing that has slowed me down is that my E drive which I use for processing stuff has started to die meaning I have had to work to backup my files to 2 external drives while I try to get it replaced. For more info please check out my website as I will work to get updates on there and my newly made Patreon as I work.

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Zomble Outbreak Pre Alpha

Zomble Outbreak Pre Alpha


This is what I have dubbed the Pre Alpha, this is a recreation of the game that inspired it hitting all the same points it had. Since I have made this...

Bliringor - - 18 comments

Keep working on it :) It may become a good game/simulator, if developed

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Rin-Aldrin Creator
Rin-Aldrin - - 2 comments

Thank you been working on it in the mean time probably will make a post soon with it's current progress.

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