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Zombirds tells an exciting tale of survival and escape as the player controls two young lovers who try to warn the world of an epidemic turning harmless birds into hellish demons.
The girl steers a fixed-up jeep along a dangerous road dodging broken-down cars, potholes and other debris left from rampaging bird swarms.
At the same time the guy stands tall on the jeep's bed holding the chasing demons at bay with two nailguns they found at an abadoned hardware store.

Zombirds draws its inspiration from such movies as The Birds, Matrix Revolutions, the man-eating Stymphalian Birds from greek mythology and a ton of sidescrolling arcade-shooters.

Bird swarms will develop new maneuvers during the game attacking the player in many different ways. They rush at the jeep from all sides, make suicide runs, bomb the road from above, etc. Bird swarms can also join, separate and dodge the player's nails.

Between levels the player will be able to repair, modify and upgrade the jeep and his weapons. Possible upgrades are a shotgun mode, a flak mode, explosive nails, different nailgun technologies (pneumatic, combustion) resulting in more damage, higher fire rate, faster reload times, less jamming and generally more bird shooting carnage.

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Story: First Draft


This is a first draft of the story.

It seemed like a normal vacation when a young couple goes camping at a remote bird sanctuary.
But then the birds go batshit crazy.
The girl's understandably upset, says "This wouldn't have happened on Hawaii."
They find a jeep in a garage and nailguns in an abandoned hardware store.
While fighting birds and driving they continue bickering.
At an abandoned bird research station they find an
ancient manuscript that contains instructions to build a device that makes bird brains explode.
The girl thinks she can reproduce the device's signal using her mad programming skillz.
They drive into the city towards the radio control center to send the signal, bounce it off satellites and cellular radio towers and kill all birds.
While the girl reprogrammes the radio transmission control for the signal, the guy has to defend the radio tower against incoming bird swarms. The Birds seem to know what the couple is up to.
As the swarms close in for the kill, the girl hits the transmit button and the signal goes out. She hurries to the top of the building.
The signal worked.
However, it's to late for the guy as the birds got him. He lies on the roof with bird corpses sticking out of his torso.
As he dies in the arms of the girl he sees the sun rise on the horizon as thousands of birds are falling from the skies.

Now I'll have to work on how best to tell the story.
Something that is immersive, looks good and cost-effective to implement.
I'll have to revise the story depending on what is possible to do.

Googoobachoo Creator
Googoobachoo - - 1 comments

Thank you very much for your praise :D

I think you're right. Every horror flick has to have a few gruesome deaths to make it more enjoyable :)
Here's what I came up with so far:

1. the very obvious one: People are snatched up from the ground by some unseen and terrible force. This works as long as you don't know the danger yet. This might be the very first scene you see.

1b. Bird swarm suicide-dive-bombs down on this one poor guy and when the birds scatter he's gone without a trace.

3. This one guy yells after the couple to take him with them, they stop and open the door, but just as he wants to splutter a 'thanks', he goes rigid, his mouth opens in a silent scream and there's a beak protuding from his throat. As he collapses you can see the rest of a bird sticking in his neck.

4. We went for ice-cream yesterday (hot weather) and this old lady walks up to us, holds out her hand and there's a dying bird in it. She explains how she got it and every time she waves her bird-holding hand at us we flinch away. Finally, she turns around and we can see that she has also cut ventilation into her skirt. Jeesch.

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Raivo - - 384 comments

looks so awesome yet you should add more characters, like 5 altogether, so players can get to see how dangerous an infected bird herd is in action, what i mean is that you need more expendable characters to get violently killed, so the danger seems more realistic.

although its your game and your choise

keep up the good work

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