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You Are Empty takes place in 1955 in alternative Soviet Union, where Joseph Stalin still reigns. In an attempt to ensure the global victory of Communism, the government has constructed a massive psychic antenna to broadcast a reality-altering signal designed to transform the population of the Soviet Union into supermen. However, the experiment goes horribly wrong, and most of the population is either killed or transformed into homicidal mutants.

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This is a tutorial, originally made by Cluster, for how to update this beloved game and play with HD textures. This is a translated compact version of it (link for origianl tutorial and full information is down below), so all references in text goes to him. Here are screenshots for comparison (recommended to open them in new tabs to view in full size):









There is also a ReShade, which adds more atmosphere into game (the instruction for it is issued separately, below "Installation" section).

Used shaders: HDR, DPX, Clarity, LumaSharpen, SMAA, MXAO (with Depth Buffer grab), FlexibleCA.

Comparison screenshots:






- Preparations:

  1. Download the game (with 1.2 patch)
  2. Downolad Widescreen Fix
  3. Download Microsoft Windows Media Video 9 VCM codec for displaying menu elements (they are all in .avi format)
  4. Download Texture Pack improve by AI (model RealESRGAN 4x plus) from Cluster (yes, from me;)

P.S. Again without the difficulties, as it turns out the game only recognizes only DXT3 format of DDS textures... (at first I used DXT1 compression and the game didn't display textures) I also added to the pack normal maps for weapons, if you want to play with them.

- Installation:

  1. Install the game
  2. File "scripts_you_are_empty_widescreen.pak" from YaE_Widescreen_Fix.zip archive place in "you_are_empty" folder on path: For example: C:\Games\You Are Empty\gameres\scripts\you_are_empty
  3. Install VCM 9 codec
  4. Folders with textures from You Are Empty_HD_textures.rar place in folder "textures". For example: C:\Games\You Are Empty\gameres\textures (should be \gameres\textures\textures). File "textures.pak" there can be deleted!

- ReShade:


  1. Download the ReShade with preset;
  2. Put all files from the archive in the root folder;

Turn on/off the effects with "End" key;

Shaders settings overlay - "Home" key;

To turn the ReShede off - simply rename "opengl32.dll" file.

Limitations: the last working with the game version of ReShade is 5.5.0!!! Do not update the ReShade, or else the game won't launch!

- Launch and setup:

  1. Launch the game, setup, play

- Recommendations:

  1. Launch time, because of textures, will increase a bit
  2. I recommend to turn on frame lmiter (I limited to 60 fps) in driver control pannel settings. Otherwise, there will be a problem with "dropping" image.
  3. If you want to play with weapon normal maps, you can find in C:\Users\*Name*\Documents\My Games\YaE\config_engine configuration file "ds2engine.cfg", there change:
    use_shaders 1
    use_normalmaps 1
    In this case, the error will occur during loading, that can be skipped with Enter - the game will load.
  4. Limitation: graphical artifacts are possible with use_shaders 1 and use_normalmaps 1!

- Used materials:

Widescreen resolution patch

Original article ("You Are Empty, dark future of the communism").

Original material - Cluster

Translation - Vicolan Mass

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YouAreEmpty 1.0 ENG

YouAreEmpty 1.0 ENG

Full Version 13 comments

YOU ARE EMPTY for downloading this, LoL anyway this is the full version of the 2007 game in english, it comes with all the requirements of drivers to...


Does anybody know if there is anyway to get your hands on a physical copy? or has it been fully lost to time?

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It has been lost. You can only download it on the files section of this page or on myabandonware.com

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This game maybe has slow and boring gameplay sometimes but has also very great athmosphere and level design,underrated game definetely

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I just finished my first playthrough of the game today and just... wow 🤯 how this game doesn't get talked about more is beyond me, it's absolutely stellar! I had originally found it on MyAbandonware and went in with zero expectations, but right out the gate it sought to impress players with it's uniquely animated cutscenes and Soviet-era art style. What starts off as an Outlast mixed with Condemned horror games quickly turns into a well paced FPS/horror hybrid, with a pretty unique story to boot! While I would advise to be weary of the graphic content found in the game, if your are a fan of horror and slick aesthetics, then this is an absolute must play! Don't doddle, download it!!

Here is some gameplay from this game, feel free to use the footage for whatever!

If you want to watch my start to finish series on this game, check out my You Are EMPTY playlist!

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An underrated gem.

Too bad it had a troubled development with time being and issue and the engine not cooperating, has many cut features and lost ideas.

Some S.T.A.L.K.E.R. devs also worked on this, one level designer.

Some modders have and (maybe) still are porting the game to Xray engine, but last I heard it was moved to Unity.

There is also the bizzarrely named "Remind of Empty" project by seemingly one of the original developers of the game. It was greenlit on Steam but nothing came out of it. As far as I know the project is alive, but the work is slow due to developer being busy with real life.


Probably no one will read this :)

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Well ... I read it just a week before you posted.
Despite lots of bugs and some ridiculous enemies I loved the '50s USSR ambient of the game: the level Totalitarism should have been sand box to explore it all.
I didn't know the STALKER relation with this game.

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