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A fast paced 2D hack and slash that combine the frenetism of Hotline Miami and the balanced difficult of Dark Souls.

Yokai Sword is a fast paced 2D hack and slash. You have to control a skillful ninja and defeat waves of enemies. Each wave consists of sets of yokais and a boss. The series has been carefully designed to create a satisfying game experience and are slightly different in each game and there is also a system that randomly generates skills levels which makes it even more fun. And if not exciting enough player only has one life point, if he dies he starts again.

Yokai Sword borns with the aim of going back in time. To return the times in you play (local) with your brothers and sisters or friends.

With a personal and beautiful aim, in aesthetics and design. An honest and pure game, with which to feel you as a player.

The game releases in 2018 Windows, MAC and Linux and in the future for console. Very soon we launch a Kickstarter campaign.

  • Five intensegame modes. Story mode, Co-op mode, One army men mode, Duel mode and Challenge mode.
  • Four playable characters with differents weapons and mechanics.
  • Mechanic forcing the player to make quick decisions, keep moving and adapt infinitely.
  • Around 32 enemies, 12 wave bosses and 3 final bosses.
  • Spectacular music based on traditional japanese music.
  • Story mode and Co-op mode with three loops to play, before you finish the game, this begins again, and one more time (local an online support).

  • One army men mode with hordes of enemies like Dynasty warriors and Bosses appear in threes. (local an online support)

  • Challenge mode in wich users can create custom waves an share to other users.
  • Duel mode. Versus mode up to four players. Players can attack, block and dodge. Special mechanics for each arena (local an online support).
  • Secret skins! Play as Darth vader from Star wars or Cyborg ninja from Metal Gear Solid and many others...

Main playable character.

A first loop wave boss.

Arena of first loop.

Yokai Sword features the traditional japanese music with an occindetalized style that encourages the player to play.


The main concept of this game is the perfect combination between Hotline Miami and Dark souls.

We currently work full time at this game for finish the game as soon as possible but that only happening if you help us to bring Yokai Sword to Steam. We are working very hard to release an early access version as soon as possible. In the future we bring the game to consoles.

Yokai Sword Website: Yokaisword.com

Chloroplast Games Website: Chloroplastgames.com

Press: Chloroplastgames.com

Twitter: Twitter.com

Facebook: Facebook.com

Contact: info [at] chloroplastgames [dotcom]

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