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XreaL will be a non-commercial multiplayer only first person shooter based on a heavily modified Quake 3 Arena engine (id Tech 3)

The aim is to push the rendering technology until it can be compared with current commercial titles and then to produce a playable Total Conversion.

Beyond offering wonderful graphics capabilities, the XreaL engine is also able to load game content from Quake 3, Doom 3, Unreal Tournament 2004, and even Unreal Tournament 3! There is not even an Unreal Tournament 3 client for Linux yet, but this open-source engine can read the game’s content.

XreaL is based on a heavily modified IOQuake 3 engine. Some of the new features compared to vanilla id Tech 3 are listed here:

  • access to the OpenGL driver through a new interface designed like OpenGL ES 2.0 with additional support for OpenGL 3.1
  • clever usage of vertex buffer objects (VBO) to speed up rendering of everything
  • avoids geometry processing at render time using the CPU (worst bottleneck with the Q3A engine)
  • renders up to 500 000 - 700 000 polygons at 50-60 fps on current hardware
  • GPU accelerated skeletal animation system that outperforms all current CPU based implementations
  • Doom 3 .MD5mesh/.MD5anim skeletal model and animation support
  • Unreal Actor X .PSK/.PSA skeletal model and animation support
  • true HDR directional light mapping with adaptive tone mapping
  • advanced projective and omni-directional soft shadow mapping methods like VSM and ESM
  • optional deferred shading
  • relief mapping that can be enabled by materials
  • optional uniform lighting and shadowing model like in Doom 3 including globe mapping
  • supports almost all Quake 3 and Doom 3 material shader keywords
  • TGA, PNG, JPG and DDS format support for textures
  • usage of frame buffer objects (FBO) to perform offscreen rendering effects
  • improved TrueType font support that does not require external tools
  • off-server data downloads (http redirection) via HTTP and FTP with cURL
  • OpenAL sound rendering allowing for surround (5.1 and 7.1) speaker layouts and generally improved sound
    quality. Especially on the Windows Vista Operating System.
  • Ogg Vorbis audio decoding for positional sounds and music streams
  • Ogg Theora video playback for MPEG-4/DiVX class video decoding
  • VOIP support using Speex
  • IPV6 Networking. We’re ready to frag on the net of the future!
  • SDL backend for the OpenGL context, window management, and input. This also improves portability.
  • improved console command auto-completion
  • persistent console command history
  • colored terminal output on POSIX operating systems
  • multiuser support on Windows systems (user-specific game data is stored in their respective Application Data folders)
  • numerous security fixes
  • replaced Gladiator bot by the Quake2 ACEBot with waypoints navigation
  • customized XreaLRadiant level editor based on DarkRadiant
  • advanced XMap2 map compiler based on the popular Q3Map2 compiler by Randy ydnar Reddig


NOTE: This download is outdated.
Please download the latest version from our Subversion repository
to get an impression of the latest development status.

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Our team member mic is working on a new awesome railgun model. This is a render of an early WIP version.

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---- ------ ----------
------- --------------
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Guest - - 693,268 comments

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Rattle189 - - 58 comments

Discontinued product - the advertised features are very amazing and revolutionary from a 1998 game engine, but it's a real shame.

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InspectorThing - - 15 comments

so guest created this

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Rattle189 - - 58 comments

It's because the actual owner or developer of this game failed to claim it on ModDB.

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Shadow_Giratina - - 57 comments

Yet another long dead project that I would love to have of seen walk this world. *Sigh*...

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Shadow_Giratina - - 57 comments

Yet another long dead project that I would love to have of seen walk this world. *Sigh*...

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