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Worbital is a real-time artillery strategy game, peppered with a heavy dose of cosmic chaos. Spun off from the turn-based Interplanetary, Worbital attempts to realize interplanetary war in real-time, emphasizing hype-filled gameplay and gravitational destruction. Each player commandeers a planet, building support structures and increasingly powerful weapons. The goal: be the last civilization standing! With the shifting gravity on your side, aim your cannons, blast your enemies and enjoy the fireworks! It is unshackled from the grounded and deliberate style of its predecessor, in favor of unrealistic fun.

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GamingGideon says

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Every celestial body in the game orbits the sun on their own trajectory line. Be they player or AI controlled or currently unoccupied planets and moons. Each one also slowly rotates on its own axis. You gather funds to build weapons and defenses on your planet, you gain some passively, but you can also build structures like refineries to speed it up.

Worbital has three factions, and while they have some cross over, they also have gear exclusive to them. You can unlock the gear just by earning dark matter that you get by playing. Each faction has a different playstyle, one is a heavy hitter for example, while another is tricky and can move planets around. Laws of physics? Pashaw.

When actually firing your weapons, you have to account for the gravitational pull of the other celestial bodies on the map. Each weapon functions differently. Everything is physics based in Worbital and all the various projectiles interact in different ways.

Remember, your planet is also always spinning and what you need might be in the wrong spot at the wrong time. Get good at controlling a derailed planet, and you can build a nice spike and ram your enemies with it. This damages them greatly and will derail them as well. Its a risky move, but never tell me the odds.

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