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Your former host has outlived his usefullness. Exploit the wits of the adversarial guards and peons as you descend ever deeper into the depths. Developed in the October 2013 AIE Game Jam


The one and probably only version of Will Helm Scream as it stands from our 48 hour jam in Otober 2013. Features Plebs: Weak and filthy, these human vermin will scurry at the sight or sound of you to alert the guards. Guards: These fallen knights stand guard in the lower halls of this great dungeon. Not so bright and with limited peripheral vision they are likely to give up on a chase to get back to their idle loofing. Traps: Pressure plates on the floor are linked to one or more swinging blades. Lure your enemies into their path. Controls Move: WASD or Left Analogue Stick Scream/Select: SPACE or A (X360)

Will Helm Scream? Windows

Nothing works on menu for my and play button all ready look like pressed moved few steps back at start. FIX IT

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