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Get into your garden and smash those wasps - in VR!

In Wasps! you are not the chosen one, the master of anything or born with special abilities. Forget about this!

It's your home, your garden, and you are nothing more than just anyone from the suburbs with a deep hatred for stings and buzz!

It's time to turn the tables, time to fight back and time to get those wasps out of your yard! Take you weapon and defend you property, your children and your neighborhood against those insect demons!

  • Crush as many wasps as you can!
  • Built for Steam VR and room scale gameplay
  • Take your tools as weapons and fight off these ugly stingers!
  • Get around and find out what you may use to battle the wasps

Also this game will be extended with future releases and more and more stuff is going to be added (for free), like additional weapons to use (chainsaws and flamethrowers anyone?), online leaderboards to find out who's the best wasp killer on the planet and much more.

The Difference

"Oh look, another wave shooter for VR. This is boring" - About 50% of VR players.
Is this your usual wave shooter? No, it is not! Then what makes it different?
Wasps! makes you sweat. Wasps! makes you panic. Wasps! thrills, and most importantly: Wasps! is incredibly funny to play!

The main differences to usual games like this are simple:

  • The enemies appear 360° around you
  • The enemies are coming at you, getting very close. VERY close. It's not like those ranged shooters, here melee is a vital part of the fun!
  • Have you ever had the chance to fight huge wasps with a lawn mower or a chainsaw? I bet you haven't!

The Developer

The game has been developed by Mad Vulture Games. That is - by me. An indie developer working mostly alone on his projects on weekends and during evening hours next to a full time job.

Don't expect a big company behind this, don't expect big marketing, don't expect the big money or a bunch of investors just looking for the next thing to make the big money.

Everything you see, everything which will be released in the future, every single aspect of the game comes from my heart and has been created with joy and fun, because I love games. There's only one thing I love more. That is: MAKING games!

If you like to get in touch feel free to contact me at any of the usual channels or via Madvulture.de!

The Tech

Some insights into the tech stack, which was used at the moment and what might come next - that is not sure though.

  • Created for the HTC Vive
  • Oculus Rift to be most likely supported soon as well
  • Created with the Unity Engine (5.4)
  • 2D Assets like textures and UI made with Photoshop
  • 3D Assets like models done with 3ds Max
  • Sound mostly done with Audacity

Additionally there are some neat little details on the process and the workflow:

  • Most of the content I created myself, but the game uses assets from the Unity Asset Store as well as Turbosquid. Everything has been heavily customized though.
  • I'm not the audio guy, so most of the sounds have been taken from either free audio sources or paid audio libraries. Same applies to the music, which has been licensed.
  • Creating this game took about 4-5 months.

I've got a vague idea of features which I'll implement next, and that will most likely include the following tech stack:

  • NodeJS backend
  • Relational database like MySQL
  • Docker
  • Cloud hosting like AWS (with a minimal instance)
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