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Welcome and Thank you for reading about this game.

About my self:

My name is Chad Fisher and I have been using Unity for about 2-3 Years. The last year I have really taken into game development and C# in general. I have wanted to make a game and release it and gather feedback. Here is my chance!

About the game:

The game is about Warehouse Management. Your main role will be to designate delivery's and note them down for future reasons. Your main vehicle of choice will be the Forklift, but other vehicles and tools are available. You will receive delivery, your choose will be to decline or accept them. You then have a limited time to take the pallets of the truck (I would like to add a Free-play mode with no time limits.) You will then have to mark the pallets as "Ready." The pallets will then get processed, but if the pallet moves, the process will stop and will have to start from the beginning again! Once the process is done, you can then order a Lorry to come and pick up the pallets you have collected.

Whats working at the moment?

  • Order System - Accept or Decline orders offered to you,
  • Pallet Manager - Each individual pallet listed, modify where its located & if its ready to be processed,
  • Vehicles - Truck with Trailer physics, Forklift with controls, Van and more to come,
  • Different Types of Pallets, such as size and what it looks like.

  • With the truck you can open the sides of the trailer or the back doors,
  • With the Van you can open the rear doors,
  • The Forklift allows you to lift and transport pallets,

What needs to be done?

  • Environment - The environment is just currently a simple terrain (Boring),
  • Models need to be completed.

What would I like to add?

I would like to add a 'Money' system, so you can make the warehouse bigger, build second floors, or just purchase more racking!

I would also like to try and implement multiplayer, can be done; but will take a while.

Thanks for reading!


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Hi guys, Just wanted to do a quick update! Been a very long time since I updated this game/even looked at it. Lately I have wanted to sort of remaster this and come back and make it to a full blown game. I now have way more experience and have published a few Mobile games.

I will be releasing this with a Sandbox mode at first but hope to be able to add a "Career" mode!


Some features that will be in the sandbox:

- Save & Load System

- Get In/Out Forklift

- Interact with Pallets, Doors & Lights

- Order/Remove Pallets

- Building System (e.g Racking & signs)

I hope that you want to follow me again on this journey as I am looking forward to seeing where this goes!

Thank you,



Fully Interactable Items:

Amazing Forklift Model, Movement etc:

Better Physics, Collisons and Weight Balance:

Warehouse Manager v1.3 - New Update

Warehouse Manager v1.3 - New Update


Version v1.3 is out and it contains some more fix's, new features and improvements!

Version 1.2 Is Out!

Version 1.2 Is Out!


v1.2 has a been released and it comes with multiple fixes, some new features and improved graphics!

First Public Build Push!

First Public Build Push!


Test some of the core mechanics in Warehouse Management!

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(OLD GAME) Warehouse Manager v1.3

(OLD GAME) Warehouse Manager v1.3

Full Version

You can purchase orders, store and process them and then sell them to make profit!

Warehouse Manager v1.2

Warehouse Manager v1.2

Full Version

Enjoy Warehouse Manager to its full potential! There is a fully fledged warehouse, multiple types of orders, bays and working bay doors! Download and...

Warehouse Manager v0.1.0

Warehouse Manager v0.1.0


Test out some of the core mechanics! Accept/Decline Orders, Transport them and mess with the vehicles!


will this game be on steam?

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xIconikkx Creator

Hi Sorry, Didn't see that you commented!

Currently I can't afford the Steam Greenlight. But I would certainly save up so I can pay for it!

Thank you!

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