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Game modes

  • Online: Play online against other players, either in public or private matches.
  • Hotseat: Play local matches against another player. Supports Steam Remote Play!
  • Practice: Play local matches against the AI.

What can be created?

You can create units and customize their name, movement patterns, portrait, power level and abilities. Abilities are created in-game and allows you to create both passive and active abilities. Passive abilities triggers automatically based on its conditions/requirements. Active abilities are triggered by the player and on its own turn. Abilities may trigger status effects on units, referred to as tags in the following section.


Units with this tag can not move.

Units with this tag can not move.

Attack Immunity
Units with this tag can not be affected by physical damage (overtaken).

Magic Immunity
Units with this tag can not be affected by abilities.

Destroy the unit and damage the surrounding units.

Unit with this tag will be destroyed when the counter reaches zero.

Unit with this tag can not move and display a visual charging effect.

Unit with this tag will be destroyed when the counter reaches zero. Can not be removed or modified by abilities.

Ice Ram
Smash through blocking frozen units and/or ice obstacles (sliding units only).

Irreversibly transforms a unit into another unit type.

Units with this tag can only move with a distance of 1 tile until the counter reaches zero.


Other than the fixed tags listed above, you can create your own effects using free-text for units to give them unique behavior. For example, adding the attributes "Elf" and "Bow" can allow you to target units that are bow wielding elves. Since this is free-text you can extend the game with your own personal touch or faction specific flavor to your units.

Win conditions

You can create custom win conditions, currently following a chess style format, such as:

  • Capture the king: Take out the opponent king to win.
  • Four Pawns To Victory: Take out 4 or more opponent pawns to win.
  • Rush: Get your opponent down to 10 units or less to win.


One of the biggest issues with current card battlers is that you have to spend a lot of money to stay competitive by frequently purchasing new packs and cards. We believe in a model that is free/included once you own the game and so, all future packs containing new official cards, decks and game rules will be available to you at no additional cost. In the future we hope to make it easy to share user generated content within the game so that you always have new and exciting decks to try out. In future versions, and only if needed, we might introduce purchasable cosmetics to cover our maintenance costs.

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