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Inspired by Starflight: 100 years ago Terrans were driven from their homeworld by an unknown alien race. The Guardian Starship 'Void of Darkness' was the evacuation fleet's only escort. Upon deploying a prototype weapon against their pursuers, the ship vanished without a trace and the evacuation fleet was catapulted across the universe. Now with the aid of an enigmatic alien race known as the 'Eurians', The Terran refugees have rebuilt their society and launched a new fleet of Starships. Take command of your ship and crew. Trade, explore, survive and engage. You must discover what happened to the starship 'Void of Darkness' before a new threat seals Terran fates forever, Featuring: Explore, trade, upgrade your ship and survive the war. For full Features list see the Void of Darkness Homepage Minimum: OS: Microsoft Windows XP, 7, 8 | LINUX Processor: Intel Dual core or equivalent Memory: 2 GB RAM On-board Graphics Card (With latest OPENGL drivers)

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Someone rated this a ONE?! You HAVE to be kidding. I think that Desura needs to have a requirement for writing an actual review if someone rates a game so low; we are required to write them when we award a TEN.

Anyhow, I give this very good game an "8" because this isn't the full game. It does crash a bit, but, the potential is there for something very special. The developer has been patching and working on content additions.

Keep up the good work!

VoD has come a long way since the alpha, and it is constantly improving with features that compliment the game.

Cannot wait to see the end product.

A very fun game even at this stage. The combat is fun, the trading is hilarious...how the merchants haggle. The alien races are interesting. Only delved into about 10% of what is there at the moment. Try it out!

The alpha was fun and stable. It just keeps getting better as it nears launch, keep it up! Recommended to any fans of space games like starflight, star control, escape velocity or rpg in general. Has a nice atmosphere.

Game is really buggy. Randomly slows down and speeds up. Interface is clunky. Movement controls are ok, when they work. I was unable to move at all 30 seconds after starting, restarting the game fixed that, but why bother. It might be ok with some work, but there have been better games like it out for a long time, like EV Nova. I like to give games a chance, but couldn't get more than 30 minutes in before I was fed up with all the bugs. Will check it out again after some updates.


Just an excellent, impressive effort. I'm really impressed with how far this has come since the early alphas I had the privilege of participating in. Really good job by a promising, hard-working developer!

Hi, the game is very nostalgic, reminds me a lot of starflight... I have only experienced one crash, when clicking on save data in scanning. The immersion is spot on, your crew seem to have issues with themselves, they talk to you, and they are constantly informing me of things happening. I was near an asteroid one time, and they turned on the tactical screen thing informing me of it. Got some nice ore and sold it in the station.

So far it seems to have all the elements, exploration, mining, combat...they appear to be fitting together nicely. The amount of polish since the alpha is amazing...like a completely different game.

I do recommend it if you like space action type rpg games.


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