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  • Form federations with up to 12 like minded individuals
  • Build fleets to maintain your dominance
  • Battle for supremacy with 100's of other players
  • Capture all of the "Chosen" sectors with your alliance (or by yourself) and hold them for 72 Turns to become the winners of the galaxy
  • The larger your fleets become the more it will cost to create new ships
  • Capture sectors in order to boost your resource production
  • Create outposts, upgrade them to make traveling around instantaneous (at a cost)
  • Conquer fellow players and force them to pay tribute to you
  • Become the rulers of the galaxy
  • Once the galaxy is won a new era starts and everyone gets a fresh start.

Start from nothing, build up your fleets and industry, use diplomacy to join federations and make friends, make them trust you, plan your victory at any cost, it is a game of Diplomacy, Deception, War and Skill.

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Void Federation Introduction



This development diary aims to layout the basic mechanics of Void federation so that people can get a better idea about the intended gameplay and development goals.

At the start of an era Players will get a 24 hour grace period whereby time is essentially "frozen", this allows players to setup their own pacts, federations, get friends to join the world and start thinking about both short and long term plans.


At the start of a new era, a completely new and unique galaxy is generated with new sectors, sectors can be captured by players and provide Minerals & Energy to players. Players can use these resources to build outposts and ships to defend their borders.

Fleets are only able to move/attack Outposts, Sectors and other players stations. Fleets consist out of units and there are a total of 3 different units, namely: Corvettes, Destroyers and Battleships.

Corvettes have a damage bonus against Battleships and take less damage from Battleships
Destroyers have a damage bonus against Corvettes and take less damage from Corvettes
Battleships have a damage bonus against Destroyers and take less damage from Destroyers
This system allows for specialised builds against other players, as the amount of units a player owns goes up so does the cost per ship increase, this allows for players who join later in an era to also be competitive.

To move a Fleet from point A to point B will take X amount of turns, however you as a player have a choice of upgrading an outpost to a portal, this allows you to instantly teleport a fleet from one portal to another, but at a greater cost of resources, the cost also increases with the fleets size.

Everything is turn based, every X amount of minutes/hours a new turn is processed, resources are added, fleets move closer to their goals, battles occur and players are conquered.

The end goal is for you and your federation to conquer all of the 10-20 "Golden" Sectors and hold them for 100 turns, once that is achieved your federation will be declared Victorious and a completely new era will be started once again, with a new random galaxy.

Have any questions or suggestions ? Feel free to leave a comment, I am constantly looking at improving various aspects :)

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