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VanillaBeast: Ace in the Hole

A Parody Game

Check out Ace in the Hole on our Kickstarter pre-launch page! We've got some AMAZING rewards no game company has ever been able to offer thanks to our partnership with PSP. Be sure to "Notify me on Launch" on the Kickstarter page to remind you when we go live in late summer 2021.. You're not going to want to miss this.


VanillaBeast, secret agent extraordinaire. Living the dream as a suave secret agent, completing top secret missions, and dating some of the hottest women on earth. He had it all until one mission changed everything.

Feeling cast out and betrayed, Vanilla left the agency, his only desire to fade into oblivion. Everything was going according to plan until someone, something, started murdering local ladies of the night in Vanilla's town. These treacherous deeds removing both erotic talents and public services from the streets will not go unpunished as Vanilla awakens from retirement to equalize those responsible for the removal of the women he held so close to his... heart.

Play as VanillaBeast as he makes his comeback against the forces of evil as they try to remove his night life, and everything he holds dear. Make your way through an amazing retro-style adventure of open world exploration as well as a huge variety of levels spanning across beaches, casinos, flashbacks, race tracks, Camp Crystal Fake, and tons more locations in Venereousville USA. Fret not, for Vanilla isn't alone on his quest for night life justice, you'll meet a massive cast of current and former Adult Entertainers willing to aid you on your journey through power-ups, items, and other means of "support".

• Beautiful character and level design from a living Legend pixel artist, Giuseppe Longo (Misbug).

• Top-down exploration of a massive open world environment.

• Tons of side quests that tie the open world into individual levels. Finding something while exploring the club may help your surf adventure, and vice versa.

• Hilarious dialog and situations. This is seriously one of the funniest games you’ll ever play.

• Insane variety of gameplay. Casinos, clubs, Golf, HR Derby in the park, camp, football, surfing, fighting, racing, etc..

• Retro-style gameplay brought together with modern animation and game design. A truly unique, yet familiar experience like you've never seen before.

• Time-tested styles brought together to make VanillaBeast one of the most varied gaming experiences to date. Here are a few of the styles you'll see:

Punisher (NES) - A Punisher (NES) style side-scrolling shooter from the 90s classic NES game.

Mike Tyson's Punch-Out! (NES) - Go head-to-head with the Champ, Tike Myson, in our parody boxing tribute to the classic NES title.

Jaws (NES) - Remember how Jaws had a fun open water exploration on boat as well as under-water diving game play? We've came up with a pretty sweet take on this classic you're sure to enjoy while reminiscing back to the good ol' days of gaming.

NES Open Tournament Golf - Golf mini game based on the fan favorite NES style golf games from the 90s.

Friday the 13th (NES) - Go to camp at Camp Crystal Fake and save the counselors in a Friday the 13th (NES) style side-scrolling level.

California Games / T & C Surf Design - Surf waves and fight enemies in a California Games / T & C Surf Design inspired level. Pixelated waves have never looked so good.

Leisure Suit Larry - Explore the open world and find items to help gain access to new areas just as you did years ago in the amazing Leisure Suit Larry series.

Outrun (Arcade) / Speed Racer (Arcade) - Race from and into danger in an Outrun (Arcade) / Speed Racer (Arcade) inspired racing levels. VB's Black Bullet roadster has never looked better.

Final Fight and Double Dragon - Love the old school Final Fight and Double Dragon games? We do too. You'll be playing multiple levels inspired by those classics, but on a modern scale.

MK or SF - Ever get to a boss fight and wish you could fight them MK or SF style? Here's your chance. Select bosses will feature actual 2D fighter controls.

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