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In Vanguard: Normandy 1944 players fight to survive in hardcore multiplayer combat for historic D-Day objectives on real battlefields.

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RSS Sten Mk.II SMG - First Person Preview (view original)
Sten Mk.II SMG - First Person Preview
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Very nice! The left arm should be coming more from the bottom center of the screen, kind of like the bren- correct me if I'm wrong.
Will there be an alternate 1st person view with the sleeves rolled up a bit?

Good work on the SMG though, I can't find anything wrong with it

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We're looking into adding variation to our characters, and rolled-up sleeves are just one of many, hehe.

Thank you for the kind words!


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"Will there be an alternate 1st person view with the sleeves rolled up a bit?"

haha, guess you were joking there InsanityPays.
Other then that, i do think that the left arm is blocking quit a lot of the view of the player. If the arm is correct i really couldn't tell, maybe it should be lowered realistic seen. But even when not then maybe it would be wise to lower it anyway, just so the player has a better view on the world around him. But, it's hard to tell this all from just one screen. SO maybe when i see it in real game mode it still works well.

All in all, as always, great stuff guys!!


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SirApple Author

Thanks for the feedback guys. One of the reasons we show small teaser images and videos of weapons is to get communal suggestions, ideas and over-all feedback to help us with internal changes such as sounds, stances and animations (all areas which we are constantly improving and developing upon). Keep them coming!

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The way the soldier holds Sten (holding the magazine) is highly incorrect. It was forbidden by many commanders, because holding sten in this way causes a lot of jam. It's one of the wwII myth's exalted by american war-cinematography.
Holding sten should look like this: Browningmgs.com
But again, wonderful model and great job.

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Here's the deal on the holding of the mag. Yes, regulations wise, you were not supposed to hold it by the mag. Repetitive use as such could bend the mag feed lips, causing misfires.

HOWEVER, regulations and general orders do not equate to what was done in field. The shroud had a terrible tendency to heat up, and as anyone who has fired WW2 era weapons knows, that metal conducts heat and FAST. I have burned myself just firing 3 or 4 rounds out of my K98k, then accidentally picking it up by the un-protected balance point. If a couple rounds from a bolt action can do that, imagine what rapid fire from a SMG can do. The MP40 was no different, and still the soldiers held it by the mag area. They were far more concerned with not burning themselves every time they fired it, and with getting accurate shots (the mag grip offers better control), than with the rarity of having a mag misfire if you used it many times in that manner. So yes, there are photos of guys using it by the shroud (mostly training shots, when regulations would be enforced), but there are just as many of them using it by the magazine:


In the end, the magazine hold is more iconic, so we went with that.

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also, when holding it "properly" there was a significant chance to get your pinky finger caught in the breach, which would suck

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The only thing I will write here is "A realistic and historically accurate environment for players to immerse themselves."
And no, the photo you provided is just propaganda-style and saw no combat at all.
Regulations and general orders ARE equate to what was done in the field. Months of training just make it. Still, burning your finger is far batter than getting killed because your sten stopped shooting.
And don't feel offended, I really appreciate your work.
In the end, sorry for delay of my respons. I just got lost in time and space for some time ;)

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That does look very realistic Erilyout, guess your right.
And, when the weapon is hold like that you also don't have the problem anymore of that the left arm is blocking quit a large part of the players view of the world around him.
2 problems solved in one blow!!


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Teaser of the Sten Mk.II in-game.

Sten made by [TWDEV]Brrr

Full Article - Twmod.org

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