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Untitled is a game that takes you into an Abstract paintings, that you then need to escape from. By blending in with colors you can pass through them, while you are blended with the colors be sure to check from power ups hidden inside of the color. Your goal is to have the highest score possible, by collecting power ups, racing against time, or a combination of both you can attempt to top the high score table.

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Untitled Beta 2 coming soon, with Abilities, Traits, two new colors, new painting generation parameters, and a Graphical User Interface.

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Untitled Beta 2 is coming, I'm hoping to have it out by next weekend. Here is a preview of whats coming.

I'm adding two new colors, Orange and Violet, completing the color wheel. When I prototyped this game for Ludum Dare #21 I wasn't thinking about the color wheel, just that I wanted an abstract play a painting game. The colors I added, are the colors that I use most often in my paintings.

Orange will be the color with an Ability, the problem is I'm not really sure what ability will fit the game, and feel useful. So I'd like your opinion, and input on the following ideas, or suggest your own idea.

Teleportation (concept 1): While orange you would have the ability to teleport to the other orange objects on the map (at random).

Teleportation (concept 2): Ability would allow you to teleport 128 pixel upward or downward from the current location.

I'm stuck between the two ideas, my issues with the first one is lack of usefulness. My issues with the second one is it basically renders the other two traits useless (hover, and double jump). I'd be interested to hear any other ability ideas you guys may have.

The level generation in Beta 2 has been refined, you can now define how many of each color will be generated. This will play into a new Difficulty rating that will be used for the High score table. So you may be able to generate 9000 pickups, and set an insanely high score, but your difficulty rating will be low.

Another new feature in Beta 2 will be a Graphical User Interface while playing. It will be optional, and shut off by default. This was one of the most requested features on the Ludum Dare entry. I didn't want a GUI originally because they just gunk up the screen the ruin the experience. I decided to add one anyways with an option to turn it on or off. It will tell you the current score, time (in seconds), and the multiplier. I may add additional information.

That is all for now, any comments or suggestions?


Yeah! I'm awating this.

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