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Unsurvive is a Third Person Zombie Arcade Shooter that consists in finish a short campaign of about 2-3 episodes, or grow up your score killing more and more zombies, uploading it and be one of the best in the game ranking. Your car have crashed with a tree, and doesn't work more... you grab a shotgun because you have listened to rare sounds.. you think that are from an animal.. but suddenly a lot of bloody persons appears, with the intention of eat you, in your defense, you start killing these persons, but they doesn't stop appearing.. that's really rare, but you think, if you enter to the forest you probably can discover a safe house.. or more survivors... What will happen? There are 3 game modes, Campaign. (Easy, Middle, Hard). Campaign (Co-op). (Middle, Hard). Massive Zombie Killer (Hard).

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Welcome to the Patch 0.0.2 of Unsurvive Alpha!

The game has a lot of progress coming, but I'm here to talk you about the 0.0.2 Patch, I've worked on it a lot, because this patch prepares you to the next patch, I've deleted the shotgun, but don't worry because it will return, in her place, I've added a simple Pistol, to let you kill some zombies, and I have an important thing to say, I've optimized a lot the game, now I think you will run it without problems!

I've added too a new house (with provisional textures) and a refigerator and a table (the table will give you ammo in the next patch), and I've extended A BIT the map.

Basically, in this patch is not all of the work I have done, but I think this is a temporary patch to the coming hard patch.. I will now talk you about this.

In the upcoming patch, there will be 3 weapons (Shotgun, Pistol and Throwing Knife) the Shotgun will have Ammo, the Pistol probably not and the throwing knife will be infinite, but these two weapons will deal low damage to the zombies!

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Uhh, the zombies.. I have a good notice for you, and I will unveal it now... I will add two new zombies.. a zombie without legs (more slow than the zombies with legs) and a Boss Zombie! It will be called Berserker, and if you have played Left 4 Dead you will think on the "Tank!" Class, but here will be a lot harded, it will be able to kill you with two hits, so you will run and have a strategy to kill he, when te zombie boss appear, a large HP bar will appear on the interface, this will be the Zombie Boss HP Bar, and, ofcourse, a lot of zombies will continue appearing after the zombie boss appears! I think it will be a lot hard..

So now I'm done with this new article, oh no! I forgotted the patch link and the new trailer (gameplay trailer)!

Here they are:

Download the latest patch HERE !

And.. finally here is the new video!

Massive Zombie Killer
- House re-modeled and added
one plant more. (The textures are provisional).
- Refigerator
- Deleted Shotgun (it will
return in the next update!)
- Added Pistol (A provisional
- Hungry bar
- Lantern changed
- Game optimization (now you
can run it without any problem).
- Pistol deals 20 HP of
- Die animation
- Changed movement speed
(they are now more slow).
- Basic Map extended a
- Gameplay

Known bugs (Will be fixed in
the next update!)

- You can shoot inside your
- The lantern is bugged in

In the next

- Zombies.
- Two new zombies added
- Boss added
- Weapons
- Two new weapons added
(Shotgun returns and Throwing Knife).
- You can switch the
- Ammo added (Pistol &
Throwing Knife are infinite Ammo, but needs to reload).
- House
- House
- Improved
- Inventory
- Basic inventory

Alpha NOW available

Alpha NOW available


A week ago, I was here, presenting my new project "Unsurvive", but only a week was needed to change everything in the game... I, with the help of John...

Alpha Coming Soon

Alpha Coming Soon

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Here is Unsurvive, a hard zombie shooter, in this new article I will show you the Alpha Trailer, and some information about the game. Q&A I can play...

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