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UnderDread is a single-player, first-person horror-adventure where you will explore ruined catacombs of an ancient castle, in hopes of finding your kidnapped daughter.

You play as father of Lisa, the girl who disappeared from her room under mysterious circumstances. Your initial efforts are in vain, but you gain some clues pointing towards an abandoned castle overlooking the village. You will have to brave the dangers and horrors of it's deepest dungeons if you are to have any hope of finding your daughter.

Throughout it you will solve puzzles, avoid deadly traps and escape from monstrosities, while piecing together the strange events that occurred through notes left behind by other characters.

- A combination of horror, quest and adventure genres

- Varying gameplay and goals

- Driving story and plot

- Multiple language support and voice-acting

UnderDread это хоррор от первого лица, где Вы исследуете катакомбы древнего замка в надежде найти Вашу пропавшую дочь.

Вы играете за отца Лизы, девочки, которая пропала из своей комнаты при загадочных обстоятельствах. Свидетельства указывают на заброшенный замок находящийся не далеко от деревни. Вам придется преодолеть все его опасности и ужасы, чтобы найти свою дочь.

На протяжении всего пути Вы будете решать загадки, избегать смертельные ловушки, скрываться от чудовищ, попутно собирая воедино картину событий, о которых Вы узнаете из записок, которые оставил безымянный сыщик.

- Комбинация хоррора, квеста и приключений

- Вариативный геймплей и цели

- Захватывающие история и сюжет

- Озвучка и весь текст на русском языке

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Hi everyone! We're a small indie team going by the name Bigzur.

Our game, called UnderDread, is currently up for voting on Steam Greenlight.

It is a horror/quest first-person experience, featuring a creepy story, tricky puzzles, gloomy medieval/fantasy atmosphere and dangers you should look out for.

We've tried really hard to avoid the worst aspects of typical indie horrors, putting quite some work into environment, level design, details, cooked up a complex plot and a few secrets for you to discover.

The gameplay varies over time, mixing typical click-quests, puzzles, item collections, stealth and then some more. On your quest to find your daughter, you'll encounter many obstacles: you'll be searching chests and vaults for items, hiding from monsters, looking for hidden switches, passages and avoiding deadly traps...

As of now, our game is 80-90% ready, with all of the content in place and all major features working, and we're in the middle of inner beta-testing for bugs and exploits.

If you like horror-quests and adventures, please lend us a hand, vote "yes" and tell your friends about us! Thank you for your attention!

Screenshot 2015 12 28 12 00 06

Screenshot 2015 12 28 11 59 41

Screenshot 2015 12 28 14 54 31

Screenshot 2015 12 28 14 57 18

Screenshot 2015 12 28 14 57 06

Screenshot 2015 12 28 13 08 55

UnderDread on Greenlight

UnderDread on Greenlight


We've added UnderDread horror adventure game on Greenlight.

JacobofArabia - - 39 comments

This looks AWESOME! Can't wait to play it :)

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