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The main goal of the game is to find a spy infiltrated among a group of wizard apprentices. You can examine objects, take them, speak to NPC, hire them in your team, etc. The game put an emphasis on the dialog system, where your questions / answer have consequence over NPC behaviour. Every NPC will have it own motivation, so you could totally end up with enemies in your team without knowing it.
There is no class/job system in the game, basically, you gain points after each level up that you can use to improve your stamina, strength, magic or speed. It also allow you to get any spells, so you have a great freedom in your character creation.
First game I ever release ! It have started up as a learning experiment to become what it is today :)

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Uncover v1 released !


Hi gamers !

After a loooong time since last update, here come the first complete version of Uncover. It contains the main quest where the objective is to find a spy infiltrated among wizard apprentices. Eight possible endings, for a play time limit of 1 hour (excluding battle mode time).

Uncover v1 screenshots

Uncover v1 screenshots

The game is quite stable at the moment, but probably still contains some glitch here and there, and most notably some typo / misspelled words / grammar oddities, since the game is dialogue heavy. If you spot any of those, please drop a mail at support(at)uncovergame.com so I can fix it :)

You can grab it here :

Uncover v1

First public release of Uncover !

First public release of Uncover !


Here come the first public release of uncover ! Only the tutorial is available for now.

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Uncover v1

Uncover v1

Full Version

First complete version of Uncover, It contains the main quest with eight different endings

Uncover beta 2.2

Uncover beta 2.2


This is the first public release of uncover, it only contains the tutorial of the game for now.


Linux version? You use OGRE... so a port would be in order, yes? :D

And by the way, OGRE is a relatively low-level library. Extremely powerful too - but being low-level, certainly not as easy as SDL or a complete game engine. I assume this is not the first software you programmed?


If you want to REALLY differentiate your game(=> more cash), make it a bit like a roguelike.

Youtu.be <-- 2 of the games mentioned as great examples here (Spelunky, of which you can play an HTML5 version, and Dwarf Fortress, which is cross-platform) are very heavily roguelike-influenced.

Roguebasin.roguelikedevelopment.org <-- the definition of what a roguelike is (you need to scroll down, that warning is correct but the interpretation is more or less right on the money)

I'd recommend Brogue - my favourite, probably the RL closest to the original Rogue which was a realatively simple game actually (https://sites.google.com/site/broguegame/), and Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup (http://crawl.develz.org/) - which is a great NetHack-inspired game (NetHack itself is old and badly designed IMO, don't play it, it will give you a bad impression of the genre). Please play these games and see the videos above. Feel free to ask me any questions.

And, of course, ENJOY!

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dlan Creator

Unfortunately, it use Mogre, the .net binding of Ogre, and no linux version is available for it :( A full c++ rewrite would probably be easier to do (since Mogre / Ogre share the same library layout). So perhaps one day...

Thanks for the links btw !, I actually started to work on the design of my next game, and I would like to explore some roguelike mechanics like Permadeath, will check these out. And this time, the game will be coded with cross platform in mind from the ground up :)

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