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In this fast paced retro shooter - race along the floor or ceiling blasting all foes in sight. Use your special linear-vortex to freeze ghosts and shatter shields. Deal widespread damage with rapid fire bullets, homing fish or deadly lasers. Face an array of varied and exciting enemies, including hostile walls, angry monkies and ghosts. Follow the story of the spaceman through various different levels ending with unique bosses. Get a high score and impress your friends, family, workmates and pets!

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After months in development, I've created a game which is exactly as i planned!

First off, I didn't want any feature creep - so once i chose the things i wanted there were no more features to add. You want multiplayer? nope.

This is old-school. In an age where there are a million great looking physics based 2d games - some are great, some i can't possibly understand why they bothered to make them (due to being no fun whatsoever)... there's a whole load of great talent out there - and this is my own spin on the old 'bedroom coder' thing.

Play the demo, play the full game - there's some stupendous music in there!

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