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In a not so distant future, the nuclear apocalypse devastates almost the entire civilization. Mutants, people scavenging and looting, and robots populate the dangerous city. Two of the dumbest guys in the world manage to survive, as they were lost in the country side when everything happened. Extremely excited and worried, they start their own adventure to try and rescue their favorite TV sex symbol, who was in the heart of the city.

Trespassers is a fast-paced run 'n gun, inspired by classic action arcades, featuring skills and upgrades, secret missions and a bit of exploration for 1 or 2 players (*), that puts you in the skin of these two idiots in their quest to restore the order and, more importantly, rescue the girl. And, in their minds, do other things worth it: protect the last beers, demolish guvernamental buildings, save sick dudes, kill bosses and many other things that they think are needed for the new future.

  • Action everywhere: frenetic action fighting hordes of enemies, on foot or driving your pick up. Or a tank.
  • Alone ... or local co-op!: Trespassers is design from the ground with local co-op in mind. Bring a dude (*) home and don't play alone!
  • Tons of weapons: guns, machine guns, heavy machine guns, flamethrowers, chainsaws, shotguns, nail guns, rifles ... and many more to come
  • Grenades! Kill your enemies, your own dude or commit suicided with them. Handle with care.
  • Skills: get skills from completing missions or defeating ...
  • Bosses: bigger, stronger, bloodier, more whatever

(*) Friend not included with the game

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The nuclear apocalypse has come, so it’s time to kick some pixelated asses

“Trespassers” is all about that frantic pace that was on all 90s co-op arcade games. Those that made you yell at your friend or brother “WATCH OUT! DODGE THAT! SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT!!!”. You know you love the formula, so keep an eye on this game, because it’s gonna kick some ass.


  • Explore a huge city ravaged by mutants. 3 districts which their own theme, unique missions and challenging final boss!
  • Fight a wide range of enemy types, each one with its own behavior and skills.
  • Pack yourself with all kinds of weapons and grenades. Nothing is enough when it comes to stop the nuclear apocalypse
  • Experience freedom while deciding if getting the shortest path to the final bosses or beating all the missions available in each district
  • Uncover the secrets behind the nuclear apocalypse by unlocking different endings.
  • Choose wisely when leveling up: there’s a ton of different upgrades that will prize different kinds of playing style
  • Go alone or join forces with a friend*: solo and co-op mode.
  • All this wrapped with some neat pixel art
  • You can find the game on Steam Greenlight, and it is expected to be released on Q1 of 2016.

*: friend isn’t included with the game

Greenlight: Steamcommunity.com

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