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*THIS IS NOT A FULL GAME - THIS IS A UNIVERSITY PROJECT* *I publish my projects to have them uploaded to the internet* *The "full" game is a project I am now working on* *This is a DEMO of the full game* Your name is Ryan Black. You receive a suspicious letter after your wife went missing. The person who wrote the letter is asking for a very peculiar petition. Will you return alive from your journey, or will you be consumed by the unforgiving Void?

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Welcome back!
5 years ago, I published a "game" (slender-copy) called "Trapped". Back in those days I was 13 years old and I was just starting coding. This is such a coincidence, a very nice coincidence.

Trapped is a university project that is supposed to be a Concept Demo for a bigger project I have: Lone Soul and Dungeon Raiders.

I will start working on Lone Soul right away.


  • Health and Sanity.
  • Inventory: used to store relics (extra points), keys (doors) and other items (consumables, etc.).
  • Enemy: drains health and sanity when you look at it.
  • Containers: press the inventory key when close to one in order to open it and interact with its content.
  • Puzzles: pressure plates or levers.
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Full Version

This is a CONCEPT DEMO for Lone Soul & Dungeons Raiders. This is NOT a FULL GAME.

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