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Transfusion aims to be a total remake of Monolith's Blood' We've had a lot of stuff going on over the past 2 years and we are proud to bring you Transfusion 1'01'

Our latest public build of Transfusion, based on DarkPlaces—Lord Havoc's Quake engine, is available for download from our Source Forge websight' Download, install and go paint the town RED!!!

Now that we've reached 1'0 we want to stretch our legs and break away from Quake compatibility and take full advantage of all the advancements Lord Havoc has poured his heart and soul into' This means we have lots of work for anyone that would like to help out'

Some things we want to focus on for the next planed version of Transfusion:

  • All episode 1 maps finished (sans Monsters)
  • Update all models to md3 and generate models for all the items in Blood'
  • Update map with new items and architecture (swinging doors, crouch space etc')
  • New multi-player features: Multiple player models, viewable weapons'
  • Refine Blood like weapons damages'
  • Code for Blood like physics'
  • Update Frikbot-X scripts''

Artists and Modelers: The bulk of our models are being converted and updated to md3 format, and a whole new range of models are being created based off Blood's original artwork' With the new models, comes the need for new skins'

Mappers: With the availability of real time lighting, bump mapped textures, more Blood like game play and new md3 models, many of our old Quake1 maps will need to be updated'

Coders: Getting all this stuff together and implemented takes skill, and we know you have it! Come, lend your experience to bring Blood to modern computers' Weapons and FricBot-X still need some tuning' There are also some game play and physics that we would like to replicate and streamline for the SDK

Contact either iliveagain or cruaich for more info on how to get started'

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New Domain Name


Due to a very generous contribution by our DeathMask host, we now have our own top-level domain. Joy!

Beta 3 updates


Just a few notes. Kazashi has made a few improvements to the current beta (legal docs, map updates, new engine build, etc.) The patch can be found here...

Transfusion Public 1.1 Beta3 Released


It's finally up. Transfusion 1.1 beta3 has finally been put together and released to the public. Major changes include updated models and weapons...

Transfusion 1.1 Beta3

News 6 comments

The Transfusion team would like to announce that we have released Transfusion 1.1 beta3 to the public. Keep in mind that it is still in the rough and...

Transfusion Updates

News 2 comments

We are getting closer to Halloween and that means we are closer to another Transfusion release. The latest updates will include all new weapon and world...

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Transfusion 1.05 Beta 2

Transfusion 1.05 Beta 2

Demo 10 comments

There have been quite a few changes since Transfusion 1.01. Although Transfusion 1.05 Beta 2 is still in the rough, there are many game play and internet...

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i6t - - 19 comments

There are several versions of Transfusion TC: 1.0 and 1.01 are mostly based on the default Quake1 engine thus these versions will work on the modern version of Darkplaces engine after some tweaks (probably they will work even on other quake1-like engines).
1.1beta3 and 1.05beta2 are heavily based on the old Darkplaces engine version and thus they are not compatible with the new Darkplaces version.
1.1beta3 feels close to Quake1 and its unpolished.
1.05beta2 seems like the most polished version but the main drawback for me in 1.05beta2 is that there is no rocketjump, a few jumping bugs, and some animations are missing in contrast to 1.1beta3.
So each version has its pros and cons.
Tips: read the docs carefully in the game folder. It has a lot of information on how to configure the game.
Previous game versions and Transfusion-SDK can be downloaded on sourceforge.

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i6t - - 19 comments

Here is the guide on how to play Transfusion v1.0 or 1.01 with the newest version of Darkplaces. The only drawback of this method is that it will be necessary to run most commands in console since GUI will show only Quake content:
1. Download the latest compiled Darkplaces engine.
2. Install Transfusion v1.0 or 1.01
3. Delete "config.cfg" from the "transfusion" folder (this folder is located in the main game folder).
4. Extract Darkplaces engine to a new folder and copy the "transfusion" folder there.
5. Create the darkplaces.exe shortcut with:
darkplaces.exe -listen 16 -game transfusion
("listen 16" is for maximum allowed bots on a map).
6. Run this shortcut
7. Type in console "map bb3" or any other map name that is present in the game.
8. Type in console 'bind mouse2 "+button3"' for secondary fire and 'bind e "+button4"' to use an item.
9. Type in console "skill 3" - the highest and "impulse 100" to add bots.
10. Make other convenient configurations via Darkplaces menu.
11. Other 'impulse' and 'deathmatch' commands are well described in the Tranfusion docs in the "transfusion" folder (each game version has different commands). You will be able to bind any required 'impulse' command to a button with, for example:
bind u "impulse 100"
(this command will bind the console command "impulse 100" to button "u")
You can also unbind a button, for example:
unbind u
unbind mwheeldown

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L3d - - 760 comments

any changes so far ?

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JoshMurday - - 2 comments

OMG You can play Quake on this!

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L3d - - 760 comments

i think thats the darkplaces engine

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Guest - - 699,429 comments

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--JoKeR-- - - 359 comments

when i start the beta 1.05 beta 2 i dont have any textures at all.
so i only get the skybox-texture and the rest is not visible.
is there a way to fix this?

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zoromo27 - - 136 comments

use old beta Tgis Project Problem with new Video card

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zoromo27 - - 136 comments

Please Inckude new egnine Support New Video card Geforce 9800gtx

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zoromo27 - - 136 comments

how release it,?

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