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Do you admire the Speedrunners who complete your favorite games in minutes? Become one of them! Toprunners takes inspiration from the techniques and rules of professional players but reinvents them so everyone can have fun.


Explore the smallest corners and find bugs placed intentionally to gain speed. Cross walls, teleport, make huge jumps and much more.

Get perfect scores with a Tool-Assisted Speedrun (TAS) system worthy of the pros. A complete set of tools that lets you play the game in slow motion or even go back if you made a mistake.


Win medals for every level you play online. Put yourself in the rankings of your own specialty and share your performances with other players with a Ghost Replay system.

Make the scores you want by choosing your own rules. Any%, no damage, no glitch, TAS, 100%, etc.


Design your own levels intuitively in minutes and share them online. Be recognized for the quality (or absurdity) of your creations.

Change the appearance and attributes of your characters. Train them often so that they balance perfectly with your gaming style.


Through 19 levels, learn to play by taking the role of one of the athletes participating in the first edition of the Cyber-Olympics. Discover the mysteries of a virtual universe, face surprising bosses and run through the world to catch up with your rival, who is always ahead of you.

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Toprunners refreshed its website! Faster, better, cooler. Join our community and visit our blog to discover new content!

You may now login to our website and discuss everything about Toprunners, speedrun or anything you have in mind.

Just as our game, our website is now super fast! It has a rating of 91% on Pingdom and most of its pages are loaded in less than a second.

Of course, Toprunners is a mobile game, so it does not forget its mobile users! The website is 100% responsive and offers an optimal interactivity for handheld devices.

Toprunners Team will add more content such as character bio and game mechanics description in the upcoming weeks. Follow us on our social media to make sure you don't miss anything.

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Website: Toprunnersgame.com



Glitches in the spotlight for a game based on Speedrun

Glitches in the spotlight for a game based on Speedrun


A first level of Toprunners was playable at the Montreal Joue 2017 Festival.

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We're working on the new art of Toprunners! Here's our first sketch for the composition :0 What do you think?… T.co

May 10 2018

Toprunners is going cross-platform!!! We're now targeting computers, consoles and mobiles #indiedev #gamingT.co

Apr 25 2018

We're almost done with our new logo! And it looks pretty good on a background ;) #indiedev #gaming #gamedevT.co

Apr 24 2018

Stanko, Azura and Itzel are finally redesigned!!! Can't wait see them in-game :) #indiedev #gaming #gamedevT.co

Apr 23 2018

Take a look at our new sketch of Glitcha! So cute :D #indiedev #gaming #gamedev #indiegame #videogames #unity3dT.co

Apr 23 2018

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Apr 16 2018

Who said mobile games couldn't have rich and intuitive controls? See our top secret controls schema! ;) #gamingT.co

Apr 15 2018

First sketch of Stanko's new graphics revamp! What do you think? (Left Stanko / Right Azura) #gaming #gamedevT.co

Apr 14 2018

Toprunners is now featured on our new website! Take a look at our new screenshots: Leylinegames.comT.co

Apr 9 2018

Patrick Patenaude joins Toprunners team! He will use Toprunners to teach level design courses with Camp JV, a loca… T.co

Apr 8 2018